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We try to answer all the emails we receive in the order we receive them. However, the huge volume of email requests we get each day prevents us from always being able to answer your specific questions. If our site hasn't been able to answer your questions about your clocks' history or identity, we recommend you try the following Internet resources:

Helpful Forums and Organizations

••• The National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors (NAWCC) is an organization with an excellent horological library and professional research assistance. Their Museum Library and Research Center is one of the largest horological libraries in the world. It provides free research services to Association members. Non-member research services are provided for a fee.

If you need a fast (and free!) answer to your question, the NAWCC Message Board has a public forum that allows you to post your question. Forum members are generally very knowledgeable and helpful about answering questions.

••• If you are looking specifically for information on British clocks or clockmakers, you might also try the British Horological Institute (BHI).

••• Another excellent resource is the Historical Clock and Watch Research web site. They have a free public forum where you can post your questions. You can also gain access to their archived digest for a modest fee.

••• The CLOCKS Mailing List primary goal is to discuss the collecting, construction, and

repair of both clocks and watches. Included also are topics on the history of time keeping, wooden movements, water clocks, antique and modern clocks, etc. Of great interest is information about suppliers of repair and construction parts and techniques, information, books, newsletters, national and local associations. Another interest is the use of clock/watch tools, such as the watchmakers lathe, bushing replacement, time regulation, etc. The list welcomes the participation and contribution from anyone interested in the subject area, whether an amateur, beginner, or professional. The list is managed by the LISTSERV software program, to which email for subscribing and unsubscribing is sent. To ask your question, you must first subscribe (free). For easy to follow instructions for subscribing, please visit the following link: You can unsubscribe at any time.

••• Other active discussion groups of clock enthusiasts can be found in the Yahoo Groups section. They include the Clocks group, the Clocks and Watches group, the Cuckoo Clock Corner group, the Society of Military Watch Collectors (includes discussion of military clocks and chronometers), the Watch and Clock Professionals group, the Gustav Becker Clock Club and the Japanese Clocks group.


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