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Japy Freres Medal and Prize Dates

Awarded By

Louis XVII


Charles X

Louis Philippe

Louis Philippe

Louis Philippe

Louis Philippe

Great Exhibition. London

New York Exhibition

Expo Universelle Paris

Expo Universelle Paris

Expo Universelle Vienna

Expo Universelle Paris

Expo Regionale Besancon

Expo speciale d'horlogerie

de la Chaux-de-Fond

Medal and Prize Dates

1819 - Gold Medal

1823 - Gold Medal

1827 - Gold Medal

1834 - Gold Medal

1839 - Gold Medal

1844 - Gold Medal

1849 - Gold Medal

1851 - Grand Medal

1853 - 1st Class Medal

1855 - Grd Med Honour

1867 - Grd Med Honour.

1873 - Grd Diploma d' Merit

1879 - Grd Prix d'Honneur

1879 - Grd Diplome d'Honneur

1879 - Grd Diplome d'Honneur

1880 - Grd Diplome d'Honneur

Example of a Japy Freres (Japy Brothers) movement stamped to show they were awarded a medal at the 1855 Paris Exposition. This does not mean that the clock bearing the stamp is unique or will be the only one found with this stamping. It doesn't even mean that the clock was necessarily made in 1855. It just means that Japy Freres won an award in 1855, allowing them to display the award on their movements until the time another award might be won at a future exposition, such as the 1867 Paris Exposition.


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