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C.1850, Ausrian, 1-Wt Late Biedermeier in very good restored condition
C.1915, Waterbury 24 Inch Balcony, 30-Day, in oak
C.1900, Chicago Globe Chronometer Co., Chicago, IL, 12 inches time
C.1860, Austrian 2-Wt Dwarf Serpentine in outstanding original
C.1880, French, for J.E. Caldwell, Philadelphia, marble and
C.1878, German, Gustav Becker, 1-Weight Vienna regulator in
C.1920, Swiss, Singing Bird Box, in coin silver case,
C.1860, Austrian, 1-Weight Timepiece, small serpentine case and
C.1880, Austrian, Carl Suchy and Snhne, Wien, small 1-weight
C.1830, New Hampshire Striking Mirror clock attributed by Mr. Cooperman
C.1900, German, 30-Hour Globe clock.
C.1863, Seth Thomas, 8-Day Parlor Calendar in rosewood,
C.1900, French, "JESTER" Bell ringer alarm in good condition.
C.1835, Hotchkiss and Benedict, Auburn, NY with "Munger's Patent Eight day Brass Clocks" movement.
C.1900, French for Tiffany and Co., New York, crystal regulator.
C.1900, German, Symphonion Musical clock, as-found, playing, but with
C.1895, French, Bronzed Spelter Swinging Mystery timepiece (swinger), as
C.1915, Sessions, Seven Inch Drop, in oak and in
C.1875, Seth Thomas Clock Co., Thomaston, Conn. "Kitchen" 30-hour
C.1875, Waterbury Clock Co., 30-hour miniature Ogee shelf
C.1875, Waterbury Clock Co., COURIER SPRING one day mini
C.1910, mixed lot: A bow front crystal regulator case,
C.1866, Seth Thomas, Plymouth Hollow, Conn, movement and label
C.1891, Waterbury Clock Co., 8 inches Octagon Lever 30-hour
Mixed lot: A C.1900 French picture frame case, now
C.1860, Seth Thomas, Plymouth Hollow, Conn., for S. J.
C.1900, French, Brass Cased Carriage clock, the plain Corniche case with beveled glass in good condition.
C.1900, French, Brass Cased Carriage clock, of small size,
C.1843, Conant and Sperry, New York 30-hour wooden movement
C.1900, Waterbury Clock Co., Gallery clock. This oak clock
C.1886, Ansonia Clock Co., "La Duchesse", iron case mantel
C.1901, Ansonia, Royal Bonn La Drome, in cream with
C.1825, English, 30-Hour Brass Dial, rolling moon grandfather clock.
C.1901, Ansonia, Royal Bonn La Drome, in cobalt blue
C.1880, German, Lenzkirch, Miniature Open Well walnut wall clock
C.1870, Atkins Clock Co., Bristol, Conn, 30-hour cottage
C.1890, French, Three Graces Annular Dial clock in very
C.1925, New Haven Clock Co., WILSON, full size 30 Day banjo
C.1905, Ansonia, Royal Bonn, La Croix, in very good
C.1910, German, Junghans, "DIANA" swing clock in very good
C.1860, Austrian, Dwarf Serpentine (full size dial), 1-wt
C.1910, New Haven Clock Co., for Dungan and Klump, Philadelphia,
C.1890, Austrian, 3-Weight, Grand Sonnerie wall clock in
C.1890, German, Mini Black Forest "R-A" regulator in a
C.1850, Chauncey Jerome, New Haven, 10 inch striking lever wall
C.1880, Ansonia Clock Co., 9 Corlandt St, New York,
C.1901, Ansonia Clock Co., 8-inch drop octagon wall
C.1884, E. Ingraham and Co., INDEX, walnut gingerbread clock. Except
C.1903, Year Clock Co., New York, Year running clock in skeletonized form with dome.
C.1885, Austrian, Remember (signed), small 2-weight Vienna Regulator
C.1850, Austrian, Mini 1-Wt Vienna, week duration, in
C.1909, Seth Thomas, Regulator No. 25, in good, as-found
C.1835, C. and N. Jerome, Bristol, Conn, 8-Day Repeating
C.1910, German, Junghans, ONION BOY, bronzed spelter swinging mystery
C.1900, German, Lenzkirch, Quarter Strike bracket clock, as-found.
C.1900, French, Brass Cased Carriage clock, with plain Obis case.
C.1910, Seth Thomas, JOKER, Time and alarm carriage clock
C.1900, French, for Bigelow, Kennard and Co., Boston, an unusual
C.1905, Mixed lot of Edison Gold Moulded cylinder records.
C.1850, Litchfield Mfg. Co., Litchfield, Conn, a super paper
C.1795, A and C Edwards, Ashby, Mass, No. 127, wooden
C.1901, Ansonia, Royal Bonn, La Cantal, porcelain china clock in
C.1850, Terry and Andrews, Bristol, Conn, 8-day onion top
Mixed lot: C.1850 Austrian grand sonnerie movement, in a
C.1857, Marine Clock Co., New Haven, Conn, an uncommon
C.1830, Asa Munger, Auburn, NY, Mahogany shelf clock with
C.1870, Waterbury Clock Co., 8-day Ogee Shelf Clock.
C.1860, Seth Thomas, Plymouth Hollow, Conn. 30-hour cottage
C.1915, Tiffany and Co., French Crystal regulator.
C.1850, English, Gothic Skeleton Clock in very good condition
C.1880, French, Bottom Swing mystery clock.
C.1890, Seth Thomas, No. 4 Time only tower clock
C.1865, Austrian, 3-Weight Grand Sonnerie in a light
C.1910, Seth Thomas, Regulator No. 2 in oak and
C.1880, Sutherland, London, 8-day, 2-fusee bracket clock
C.1845, French, Two Piece Porcelain china clock. The Louis XVI style
C.1894, Ansonia, Jumper No. 1, in excellent restored condition.
C.1885, E.N. Welch "Arditi" Double dial calendar shelf
C.1875, German, Unusual Serpentine 1-Weight in very nice
C.1860, Austrian, Small Serpentine timepiece in excellent restored condition.
C.1880, French, Brass Cased Miniature Carriage clock.
C.1910, German, Moving Eye Minstrel. (a change of pace
C.1835, Burr and Chittenden, Lexington, Mass, 30 hour wooden works hollow column,
C.1904, Ansonia, Royal Bonn, La Vendee, in very good
C.1875, German, Gustav Becker, 2-Weight Regulator in generally
C.1925, German, Karl Griesbaum Co., Clock Peddler and Whistler in
C.1937, Seth Thomas Clock Co., "Assembly-3" Oak wall
C.1910, Waterbury, FESTUS, pressed oak gingerbread in generally good
C.1895, German, Walnut Cartel Clock in the Second Baroque
C.1860, Austrian, Dwarf Serpentine (full size dial), in excellent
C.1885, Wm L. Gilbert LATONA in walnut and in excellent original condition.
C.1900, French Oval Crystal Regulator, with multi color cloisonne
C.1880, French, Boulle clock in the style of Louis XV.
C.1920, Ansonia Clock Co., STANDARD REGULATOR, in excellent condition.
C.1930, Chelsea, Size Willard Banjo, with Constitution and Guerriere battle
C.1880, Juvet Time Globe, 12 inches.
C.1830, Spencer, Hotchkiss and Co., Salem Bridge, Conn, 8-day
C.1900, French, Mini Tall Case in a Blue Delft case
C.1852, Brewster Mfg. Co. miniature lyre front alarm timepiece.
C.1901, Ansonia, Royal Bonn La Verdon, in medium blue.
C.1885, E.N. Welch "Arditi" Double dial calendar shelf
C.1885, French, "Centrifugal Governor" Clock, (not automated), from the
C.1920, Seth Thomas, Jeweler's Regulator, most similar to model
C.1850, French, Bronze and Marble mantel clock.
C.1875, French, Pink Marble and Ormolu mantle set in outstanding condition.
C.1848, Chauncey Boardman, Bristol, Conn, Triple fusee steeple clock.
C.1875, E. Ingraham and Co, HURON, rosewood shelf clock in
C.1825, French, Empire Mantel clock. For similar clocks, see
C.1830, French, Hemon, a Paris, Alabaster clock, the case
C.1880, Austrian, Remember, 2-Weight mini regulator, in excellent
C.1894, Ansonia "Swing No. 2", Novelty swinging doll clock
C.1912, Waterbury, Calendar No. 43, in oak and in
C.1875, Seth Thomas Clock Co., Regulator No. 1, in
C.1851, J.C. Brown, Forestville, Conn, cottage clock with
C.1910, German, Junghans, ELEPHANT, bronzed spelter swinging mystery timepiece
C.1860, Alex'r Marsh, Worcester, Mass, Timby's Patent stick barometer
C.1886, Jerome and Co., (New Haven), Model No. 251, Sharp
C.1870, Seth Thomas Octagon Top mini cottage in restored
C.1915, Seth Thomas "Tudor" (this model without inlay),
C.1920, French, Brass Cased Time and Alarm Carriage clock, as-found.
C.1910, French cast metal clock-thermometer and barometer.
C.1850, Chauncey Jerome, New Haven, Conn, 8-day Fusee
C.1965, Seth Thomas, Modern Helmsman, 8-day ships strike
C.1955, German, Schmid-Schlenker, Novelty flower clock. The 1-day
C.1970, French, Ladies Musical boudoir clock.
C.1975, Swiss, Reuge Music Co, St. Croix, singing bird
C.1930, Swiss or German, Singing Bird Box, with unusual
C.1905, French, 8-bell, 3-train, quarter chiming bracket
C.1880, French, Wall Cartel in Louis XIV Boulle style, restored.
Mixed lot: C.1850, a good Napoleon III Annular dial
C.1850, Chauncey Jerome Botsford Patent 30-hour lever timepiece.
C.1878, E.N. Welch Mfg Co. Briggs Rotary novelty
C.1810, Ansel Turner Patent Timepiece banjo. This particular clock
C.1950, Semca brass cased double dial "Partners" desk clock.
C.1900, German "MONK" Alarm Clock in very good original
Black Marble Mantel Clock
A small eight-day marine chronometer made by Waltham. c.1909-1930's
A mid nineteenth century two day marine chronometer
An Atmos V clock made by Jaeger le Coultre
Vintage Swiss Musical Clock
New Haven Wooden Alarm Shelf Clock, c. 1904
Sessions United Ship Electric Clock, Wood and Chrome
Vintage Swiss Crystal Ball Clock, c. 1939
Bronze 8-day Desk Clock
Chelsea Elecronometer Clock
Mastercrafters HAPPY TIME animated novelty clock
Waltham 8-Day Cut-Corner Travel/Car Clock
Schatz 8-day Rose Table Clock
Smiths Noddy Animated Alarm Clock
Jefferson Golden Helm Electric Mystery Clock
Ship's Wheel Advertising Clock
New Haven Gilded Brass Cherub Clock, early 20th century
New Haven Gilded Shelf Clock
Silvercraft Art Deco Desk Clock
Chelsea Elecronometer Desk or Table Clock, c. 1930
Vintage French Mahogany Mantel Clock
Old Waterbury/Lux ? Floral Wall Clock
Japanese Animated Singing Bird Birdcage Clock
French Limoges Wall Clock, Porcelain Case, c. 1950's
Vintage French Travel Alarm Clock
German Latama Skeleton Clock
Seth Thomas Brass Carriage Clock, c. 1930
Late 19th century French Carriage Alarm
Seth Thomas Oak Cottage Clock
Ansonia Kitchen Clock, late 19th century
English Oak Westminster Mantel Clock by Garrard, c. 1931
Waterbury Miniature Carriage Clock "SPECK" model, c. 1912
Jennings Bros Brass Mantel Clock, c. 1920's
Small Waterbury "Small Gothic" Steeple Mantel Clock
Waterbury "Spider" Novelty 8-day Clock
Chelsea Ship's Clock 4" Phenolic Case
French Brass Carriage Clock, c. 1900
400 Day Disc Anniversary Clock, c. 1910
Seth Thomas Sonora Chime Mantel Clock
Chelsea Babro No 38 Mantel Clock
Ansonia Royal Bonn "La Teste" Porcelain Mantel Clock
A pre-WWII ship's bulkhead clock
Lenzkirch 1890s Bronze Mantel Clock
A repeating French carriage clock in a gorge case c1880
A white onyx and ormolu mantel clock by JB Delettrez, c1884.
A drop dial clock by Horsley of Hartlepool c185
A small fusee Regency timepiece by Condliff of Liverpool, c1830.
A French Cathedral Clock by the eminent Raingo Freres made circa 1830.
A French carriage clock that strikes "ship's bells" on two gongs.
An early French carriage clock in a kingwood and rosewood case c1845
An early Swiss carriage clock by JF Bautte of Geneva c1850.
A small late Regency skeleton timepiece, circa 1830
A French mantel clock decorated with champleve enamel.
A small Regency skeleton timepiece, circa 1830, by James Edwards of Stourbridge.
A small good quality skeleton timepiece c1840-50
A twentieth century two train skeleton clock
A rare early French carriage clock circa 1840
An early French carriage clock c 1835, in a gilt rococo case.
A walnut drum head bracket clock made in 1859 by Barraud and Lund of London.
A French rococo clock with gilt bronze case, c1790.
A marine chronometer signed for John Bruce and Sons, maker to the Admiralty.
A French mantel clock c 1900.
A French gilt brass carriage clock with quarter striking on two bells
A small Edwardian chiming longcase clock
A Drocourt carriage clock in a frosted-gilt cannelee case, with an English Frodsham escapement.