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An impressive marble clock garniture dating from c1880
A small Lancaster longcase thirty hour clock c 1780.
A Regency mahogany bracket clock c1820.
A Sinclair Harding longcase clock dating from 1982.
A mantel clock with gilt bronze case and hand painted panel in the SAvres style, c1860
Georgian bracket clock with bell top, circa 1780
A giant three-train Le Roy et Fils Carriage clock in an engraved gilt case, c1880.
17th Century, English Lantern Clock, with restorations.
1880, Ithaca, "No. 6 Hanging Library"
2 Weight Vienna Regulator Wall Clock, Circa 1900
3 Piece China Clock Set , circa late 1800's
3 Weight Grande Sonnerie Vienna Regulator Wall Clock, Circa 1890
3-Sided Table Clock
30 Day Atkins Fusee Wall Clock, Circa 1855.
5' Tower Clock Dials, Circa 1920.
A Baird Figure Eight Advertising Clock Jolly Tar Tobacco, c. 1888-9
A Late 20th Century reproduction of a Seth Thomas VIOLIN clock,
A lot of two 30 hour shelf clocks: One mahogany tambour with cracked porcelain dial, running; plus a walnut veneer on brown onyx desk clock (C.1950), with copper bezel and dial center, also running.
A Smiths Astral ship bulkhead timepiece, Circa 1960
A solidly cast gilt bronze four glass clock by "Maple and Co Ltd.", Paris, circa 1900
Alabaster and Gilt cased Clock with stand and dome, Circa 1880.
American Ansonia Crystal Regulator, c. 1900
American Banjo clock- Boston area., circa 1850+
American banjo clock, circa 1840
American Beehive Clock
American Box Regulator Wall Clock
American Bridgeport Brass Co. Mantel Clock, circa 1860
American Cherry Tallcase Clock, Circa 1800.
American Commemorative Advertising Desk Clock, circa 1925
American Durfee and Enches Tallcase Clock, Rhode Island, c. 1884
American experimental banjo wall clock, Eli Terry and Sons, c.1830
American Gothic Iron Front Shelf Clock
American Mahogany OG clock, circa 1840
American Mantel Clock by Putnam Bailey
American Regulator Wall Clock
American regulator wall clock; Waterbury Clock Co. "PERTH" model, c.1890
American Seth Thomas walnut perpetual calendar wall clock, late 19th century
American Ship's Deck Watch, Waltham Watch Co., c.1907
American Steeple Clock, Chauncey Jerome, c. 1850
American Steeple Clock, Gilbert Clock Co., c.1880
American Tallcase Clock, circa 1840
American Walnut Kitchen Clock, c. 1880
American Walnut Parlor Clock
American Waltham Willard Style Wall Clock, circa 1923
American Weight Driven Banjo Clock by L. Curtis, c. 1830
An unusually large French corniche cased brass four glass clock, circa 1870
Anglaise French Carriage Clock, circa 1920.
Ansonia "A" Regulator clock, circa 1906
Ansonia and Royal Bonn "La Hay" Mantel Clock, c.1895
Ansonia "BACCHANTE" Figural Clock, c. 1880
Ansonia "Baronet" Table Clock
Ansonia black Enameled case mantel clock with visible escapement
Ansonia Black Iron with Urn, circa 1900
Ansonia "Capri" Model Black Enameled Iron Mantel Clock, circa 1905
Ansonia Bonn China , circa 1895
Ansonia Brass Cased Table Clock
Ansonia Capital Wall Regulator Clock, circa 1901
Ansonia China , circa 1900
Ansonia China Clock , circa 1900
Ansonia China Clock , circa 1900
Ansonia "Clayton" model Enameled Iron case mantel. circa 1914
Ansonia "Crown" Crystal Regulator Clock, Circa 1920.
Ansonia Crystal Palace No. 1 Extra mantel Clock, Circa 1880
Ansonia Crystal Regulator, circa 1900
Ansonia Crystal Regulator, "PRISM" Model, c. 1891
Ansonia Crystal Regulator with Open Escapement; "MARQUISE", c. 1901
Ansonia "CYMRIC" Figural Clock, c. 1900
Ansonia "DOVER" , circa 1900
Ansonia "ELYSIAN" Crystal Regulator, c. 1920
Ansonia "Elysian" Crystal Regulator Clock, Circa 1920.
Ansonia Enameled Iron Case, circa 1890's
Ansonia Enameled Iron "MADELEINE", circa 1900's
Ansonia "EXCELSIOR" Model Crystal Regulator, c. 1910
Ansonia Fancy Crystal Regulator, circa 1900
Ansonia "FISHER" , circa 1880's
Ansonia Floral Crystal Regulator
Ansonia "General " Regulator Wall Clock, Circa 1880
Ansonia Gingerbread Clock, "Clinton" model, circa 1885
Ansonia gingerbread kitchen clock, circa 1900
Ansonia Habana Hanging Parlor Clock
Ansonia "HAGUE" with Porcelain Dial., circa 1900
Ansonia Hanging Kitchen Clock
Ansonia Jumper No. 2, circa 1886
Ansonia "KNIGHT" Figural Clock, c. 1901
Ansonia "LA DUCHESSE" Enameled Iron., circa 1883
Ansonia "LA DUCHESSE" Enameled Iron, circa 1890
Ansonia "LA DUCHESSE" Enameled Iron with open dial, circa 1890
Ansonia "La Fontaine" Royal Bonn China Clock , circa 1900
Ansonia La France with Open Escapement, circa 1880's
Ansonia "LA HONLAN" Royal Bonn China Clock , circa 1900
Ansonia "La Nord" Royal Bonn China Clock , circa 1900
Ansonia "LA ROCHE" Royal Bonn China Clock , circa 1900
Ansonia "LaSalle" Royal Bonn China Clock , circa 1900
Ansonia Mantel Clock, circa 1900
Ansonia "MARQUISE" Crystal Regulator, c. 1901
Ansonia Metal case Clock
Ansonia "Monterey" , circa 1901
Ansonia "MUNICH" , circa 1900
Ansonia "No. 1 TUCKER BRONZE " , circa 1874
Ansonia Porcelain Clock, c. 1900.
Ansonia Porcelain Table Clock
Ansonia "Queen Elizabeth" Wall Clock, Circa 1890.
Ansonia "RACINE" figural, circa 1900
Ansonia Regulator "A", Circa 1890
Ansonia "REX" , circa 1880's
Ansonia Round Top Wall Clock
Ansonia Royal Bonn China, circa 1901
Ansonia Royal Bonn , circa 1910
Ansonia Royal Bonn "La Cannes" Porcelain Mantel Clock, circa 1904
Ansonia Royal Bonn " LA LORNE " , circa 1901
Ansonia Royal Bonn Porcelain Clock, c. 1900
Ansonia Royal Bonn Porcelain Clock, circa 1900
Ansonia Royal Bonn Table Clock
Ansonia Standing Statue Clock
Ansonia Striking Dial Clock, Circa 1900
Ansonia Tambour clock, silvered dial in good condition. circa 1900's
Ansonia "TRIANON", circa 1900
Ansonia "Triumph " mantel clock, circa 1885
Ansonia Wall Clock
Ansonia Wall Clock With Porcelain Dial
Ansonia with Porcelain Dial, circa 1910
Ansonia "ZENITH" Crystal Regulator with Open Escapement, c. 1920
Antique German Freeswinger Wall Clock
Antique Waterbury Westminster Chime Clock
Art Deco French Wall Clock
Art Deco Garniture, Marble with Bird Figures, c. 1930?
Art Deco Marble clock with Birds, circa 1930
Art Deco style
Art Nouveau Figural Clock, " Maiden In The Wind"; c. 1900
Art Nouveau Two Weight Vienna Regulator Wall Clock, Circa 1905
Atkins Shelf Clock. Early. , circa 1840's
Atkins "VENETIAN" shelf clock, circa 1860
Atmos Clock, c. 1950
Austrian chiming bracket clock, circa 1830
Austrian Frame Clock , circa 1820-1840
Austrian Gilt Wood Table Clock of Neoclassical Design, c. 1820
Austrian oak cased grand sonnerie bracket clock, circa 1750
Austrian water gilded wall clock, circa 1830
Baird Figure Eight Advertising Coca Cola Clock, c. 1890
Beehive clock case, 19th century
Beehive clock case with E. Ingraham Calendar works, 19th century
Beehive clock, circa 19th century
Belgian Country Tall Clock, Circa 1750.
Bell Strike Tall Clock, Circa 1840.
Bigelow and Kennard Longcase "Granddaughter" clock, circa 1935
Birge and Ives Triple Decker Mantel Clock, circa 1832
Birge Mallory and Peck Triple Decker Shelf Clock
Black Forest Tambour Mantel Clock, Mauthe Clock Co., circa 1930
Black Forest Wall Clock, circa 1870
Black Slate Mantel Clock, Circa 1890
Blue and White China Clock Set, Circa 1950.
Boite Jonc French Carriage Clock, circa 1940
Box Skeleton Clock
Bracket Clock with Westminster Chime, circa 1900
Bradley and Hubbard Dresser Clock
Brass English Smith's Ship Clock
Bronze Public Clock, Circa 1920.
Bronzed French with porcelain Insert and Dial, circa 1885
Bruggeman Advertising Novelty Clock
Budwiser Electric Advertising Wall Clock
Bulova Modern Westminster Chime Bracket Clock
Burr Walnut Veneered Anglo American Wall Clock
Buster Brown Illuminated Advertising Clock, c.1930-1950
C.1730, English, 8-day Longcase Movement with
C.1735, English, 8-Day Longcase Movement with
C.1760, Austrian, Miniature Alarm clock,
C.1760, Stephen Rimbault, London, Musical Automaton Dial, 3-fusee bracket clock.
C.1775, Austrian, Kingwood Bracket clock in the style of Louis XIV.
C.1775, Johnson, London, Miniature Time and alarm bracket clock,
C.1775, Swiss, 8-Day Quarter Striking mantel clock.
C.1790, Austrian Dial Only, from a Grand Sonnerie bracket clock.
C.1790, Austrian, Enamel over copper Fasching Jester, with striped hat and spats and with a noise making clapper in his left hand.
C.1790, English, a lot of two 30 hour pull wind movements, as-found.
C.1790, Scottish, 8-Day Longcase Movement with
C.1795, Austrian, Picture Frame Clock
C.1795, Paul Kandler, Trieste, a Grand Sonnerie bracket clock
C.1800, Dutch, Stoelklok, in very good original condition, with original paint on case and dial, and with original leads intact (couple of breaks).
C.1800, English Tavern Clock with 20 inch dial.
C.1805, Peter Trott, Boston (Mass), a wonderful little mahogany bracket clock with a watch movement.
C.1810, French, Sauvage, a`Paris, Ormolu mantel regulator.
C.1810, German, a 19th Century version of a 17th century "telleruhr".
C.1816, Seth Thomas, Plymouth, Conn., 30-hour wooden movement tallcase clock.
C.1818, Joseph Ives, Bristol, a Connecticut Mirror clock
C.1820, An American tall clock, now with the name of David Wood on the painted dial.
C.1820, Austrian, 2-Train Mantel clock,
C.1820, Austrian, 3-Train Grand Sonnerie mantel clock,
C.1820, Austrian Gilt Wood Cartel Clock
C.1820, Austrian, Grand Sonnerie Mantel clock in a skeletonized motif.
C.1820, Austrian, Grand Sonnerie Picture Frame clock, with a music box in the base.
C.1820, Eli Terry and Sons, Plymouth, Conn, Pillar and Scroll Clock
C.1820, French, a Good Period figural clock
C.1820, Irish Tall Clock, 8-day, as-found.
C.1820, N. H. Striking Mirror Clock,
C.1820, S. Edwards, Gorham Tallcase clock
C.1820, Seth Thomas, Off-Center Pillar and Scroll in very good condition, with restorations.
C.1820, Unsigned American tall clock, probably New Hampshire, with a good 8-day movement with arched cut out in both plates.
C.1825, a Mass area Banjo Clock
C.1825, Eli Terry and Sons, Plymouth, Conn, Pillar and Scroll Clock
C.1825, French Louis XV Case,
C.1825, Seth Thomas, Pillar and Scroll, with Terry"s patent movement.