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C.1880, German, Gustav Becker, Ormolu Cartel clock in good condition.
C.1880, German, Large Spring Wall Regulator in the Vienna style.
C.1880, German, Lenzkirch "Cabinet" clock
C.1880, German, Lenzkirch "Tabernacle" Clock
C.1880, German, Mercury Wheel Barometer, with clock.
C.1880, German, "Vienna Regulator"
C.1880, Gilt Brass Carriage Clock,
C.1880, I. Ingraham and Co., "Dakota" shelf clock in decent condition.
C.1880, Ingraham 8-Day "Doric" in very good original condition.
C.1880 (introduced in 1878), New Haven"Estelle" mantel clock,
C.1880, Ithaca Calendar Clock Co., Ithaca, N.Y.
C.1880, Ithaca Favorite No. 4"
C.1880, Ithaca No. 10 Farmer's Double Dial perpetual calendar clock
C.1880, Ithaca, "No. 5 EMERALD" Calendar clock
C.1880, Ithaca No. 5" Hanging Belgrade
C.1880, Jerome and Co., New Haven, REGISTER Hanging Calendar clock
C.1880, Lenzkirch, Walnut and Ormolu mantel clock
C.1880, mixed lot: Vienna Regulator, 1-weight, as-found.
C.1880, New Haven Clock Co., Jeweler's regulator No. 3, in mahogany.
C.1880, New Haven Clock Co., Short Drop octagon clock
C.1880, New Haven, Octagon Drop Wall Clock
C.1880, Rare French Glass Dial Mystery Clock,
C.1880, Seth Thomas "LINCOLN"
C.1880, Seth Thomas, Mini Octagon Top rosewood cottage clock
C.1880, Seth Thomas, "Parlor No. 3" perpetual calendar clock with time dial at top and lower dial with day, date and month.
C.1880, Southern Calendar Clock Co., "FASHION No.4"
C.1880, Southern Calendar Clock Co., "FASHION No.5"
C.1880, Swiss, Black Forest, Carved mantel clock,
C.1880, Swiss, Ceremonial Watch in gilt bronze stand.
C.1880, Swiss, Ceremonial Watch in gilt bronze stand.
C.1880, Swiss for the French market, a carved figural clock, showing an eagle attacking a wolf.
C.1880, Swiss for the French market, a carved walnut figural clock of exceptional quality.
C.1880, Swiss, Music Box with 5 bells and bird strikers.
C.1880, Unknown make, 30-hour rosewood cottage, as-found.
C.1880, Waterbury Clock Co, 30-Hour steeple with a Gilbert 8-day dial, and with incorrect hands and no pendulum.
C.1880, Waterbury Clock Co., Calendar No. 44,
C.1880, Waterbury Clock Co., Mini OG clock
C.1880, Waterbury Clock Co., "ONTARIO" walnut wall clock in exceptional original condition.
C.1880, Waterbury Clock Co., "Seine" cast and gilded spelter clock
C.1880, Waterbury Clock Co., Time Only cottage clock, in fair to good condition.
C.1880, Welch Short Drop, for R. A. Patterson Tobacco company, LUCKY STRIKE advertising clock.
C.1880, Welch, Spring and Co., "No. 3 Regulator" , as-found, needing work.
C.1880, Welch, Spring and Co., "Patti, V.P."in very good original condition, with great dial, hands tablet and label.
C.1880, Wm.L. Gilbert, "PARAGON" 8-day rosewood shelf clock
C.1880, Yale Clock Co., Medical Advertising Clock,
C.1881, (dated) French Morbier Tallcase Clock
C.1881, E. Ingraham and Co., "Parlor Calendar" clock
C.1881, Waterbury "Cottage Extra", rosewood in good original condition.
C.1881, Waterbury "Courier - Spring" in rose-wood and in very good condition.
C.1881, Wm.L. Gilbert "Office Drop Calendar" clock as-found.
C.1881, Wm.L. Gilbert "Shield", Walnut wall clock, 8-day, time and strike, with restorations.
C.1882, Yale Clock Co, New Haven, Conn., miniature cast iron timepiece
C.1883, Ansonia "Blackbird", 30-Hour, as-found.
C.1883, Ansonia "Marbelite No. 8" in very good condition.
C.1884, National Calendar Clock Co., New Haven, Conn. "Fashion" calendar clock.
C.1884, New Haven, "No. 5107, Flying Pendulum" clock in original, as-found condition.
C.1884, Southern Calendar Clock Co., St Louis, Missouri Fashion No. 9 Calendar clock.
C.1884, Terry Clock Co., Pittsfield, Mass, the HIGHLAND, walnut shelf clock,
C.1885, Ansonia Clock Co., Elliptical Carriage Clock
C.1885, Ansonia Clock Co., Gem Ink Clock
C.1885, Ansonia Clock Co, "KOBE" ionic wall clock,
C.1885, Ansonia Clock Co, "KOBE" ionic wall clock, as-found.
C.1885, Ansonia "Double Figure Swing" Clock,
C.1885, Ansonia "Epsom" in walnut, 8-day, as found.
C.1885, Ansonia, "Gloria" Swing Clock in outstanding original condition.
C.1885, Ansonia TRIUMPH Walnut parlor clock
C.1885, Ansonia, "Tunis" in excellent original condition, with good dial, nice patina on mahogany case with original caramel color finish.
C.1885, Austrian, 3-Weight Grand Sonnerie wall clock in an interesting "open well" design, the walnut case with full turned columns and with 10 pieces of heavy cast brass trim.
C.1885, Austrian, Mini Time Only "R-A" wall regulator, spring drive, 8-day duration.
C.1885, Boston Clock Co, Regulator,
C.1885, E. Howard and Co., Boston, "Banjo No. 4", in very good restored condition.
C.1885, E. Ingraham and Co. walnut mantel clock,
C.1885, E.N. Welch Mfg, Bristol, Jewel paperweight clock, in generally good condition.
C.1885, E.N. Welch Mfg Co., Forestville, "ARDITI " perpetual calendar clock.
C.1885, F. Kroeber, NY, "CABINET No. 1", in very good original condition, with rear label identifying the model (torn and dark).
C.1885, French, a Large and Heavy Brass Cartel clock in very good condition.
C.1885, French, "Battleship"
C.1885, French, Brass Cased Carriage Clock, a stylized Angle Riche case with a gorge style bottom, all 4 sides slightly convex, and with a wonderful floral mask over the gilded dial.
C.1885, French, Carved Walnut Clock with barometer in very good condition.
C.1885, French, Conical Timepiece.
C.1885, French, Drocourt, Paris, for Henry Capt, Geneve, brass cased carriage clock,
C.1885, French, Figural Clock
C.1885, French, Figural Night Clock, the 8-day platform movement in the base, driving the globe through the staff in the man"s hands.
C.1885, French, for Bigelow, Kennard and Co., Boston (on dial), k in the Louis XIV style
C.1885, French, for Tiffany and Co. (signed on movement), a heavy bronze cartel clock, with most of the gilding worn off.
C.1885, French, Gilded Bronze Swinging Mystery Timepiece on a rectangular two color marble base (red and black), with ormolu feet.
C.1885, French "Gladiator" Form clock
C.1885, French "Horizontal Steam Boiler"
C.1885, French, Industrial "Steam Hammer"
C.1885, French, Industrial"Steam Hammer"
C.1885, French, Industry Series Fort De Longchamps, a` couple tournante,
C.1885, French, Industry Series "Liberty Bell".
C.1885, French, Japy, Fancy Black marble mantel clock
C.1885, French, "Jerez de la Frontera" figural clock
C.1885, French, Marti, for J.E. Caldwell, a gilt bronze lyre clock
C.1885, French, Pons, Seconds Beating, Balance regulator.
C.1885, French, Rare Industrial "Lighthouse" Automaton
C.1885, French, Red Tortoise Shell mantel clock
C.1885, French, Walnut Cartel Clock,
C.1885, French, Walnut Cartel with clock and barometer,
C.1885, German, Gustav Becker, 2-Weight Wall regulator in the Alt Deutsch style,
C.1885, German, Gustav Becker, 3-Weight Grand Sonnerie wall clock.
C.1885, German, Gustav Becker, 3-Weight grand sonnerie wall regulator, as-found.
C.1885, German, Gustav Becker, 8-Day spring regulator.
C.1885, German, Gustav Becker, small oak cased mantel clock with bronze mounts.
C.1885, German, Hamburg American Clock Co.
C.1885, German, Lenzkirch, Digital Flick clock
C.1885, Ithaca "INDEX" double dial perpetual calendar
C.1885, N. Muller's Sons, New York. onyx and iron mantel clock
C.1885, New Haven 8-Day "Derby"
C.1885, New Haven, "No. 1012" Wall clock, incomplete.
C.1885, Seth Thomas, 12-Inch Drop Octagon
C.1885, Seth Thomas "Chicago" model shelf clock, as-found.
C.1885, Seth Thomas "Greek" in walnut, as-found.
C.1885, Seth Thomas "Lincoln, V.P.", 2-weight, time and strike, as-found.
C.1885, Seth Thomas "OMAHA" City Series Mantel Clock
C.1885, Seth Thomas, "Parlor Calendar No. 3"
C.1885, Seth Thomas "Parlor Calendar No. 9"
C.1885, Sidney Advertising Clock Co., Sidney, New York, wall hanging time and calendar clock with separate movement for rotating the bottom drums every 5 minutes.
C.1885, Welch, Spring and Co, Forestville, Conn, "Dolaro" walnut parlor clock in very good original condition with rear label intact.
C.1885, Wm L. Gilbert, "Aldine" 30-Hour walnut mantel clock in fair to good original condition.
C.1885, Wm L. Gilbert "ALTAI" walnut parlor clock
C.1885, Wm.L. Gilbert, "DACCA" Walnut Parlor Clock
C.1885, Wm.L. Gilbert, "Luna" in excellent original condition..
C.1885, Wm.L. Gilbert "Occidental" Mirror side, in nice restored condition.
C.1885, Wm.L. Gilbert, "Parlor", Walnut Mantel clock in generally good condition.
C.1885, Wm.L. Gilbert "PETO" in very good, as-found condition.
C.1885, Yale Clock Co., Medical Advertising Clock,
C.1886, Ansonia "Florentine, No. 3"
C.1886 (dated on case back), "MOBILE" model by Seth Thomas,
C.1886, E.N. Welch, "Arditi" Double Dial, with patent D. J. Gale perpetual calendar, the unique lower dial giving the day and month on small inner dials, and the date around the circumference (pat, 4-21-85).
C.1886, Seth Thomas "Athens", as-found, less top trim (simple angle top with button), and less the quarter molding at top of door, minus a piece of veneer; and with the dial center flaking badly.
C.1886, Seth Thomas Clock Co., Thomaston, Conn., Parlor Calendar No. 4
C.1886, Seth Thomas NORFOLK from their City Series
C.1886, Seth Thomas, "Office Calendar No. 10"
C.1886, Seth Thomas "RENO" City Series mantel clock
C.1887, German, Lenzkirch, Mini Bracket Clock.
C.1888, E. Howard and Co, Boston, "Tall Clock No. 87" in excellent original condition.
C.1888, Terry Clock Co., Pittsfield, Mass, the HIGHLAND, walnut shelf clock,
C.1888, Wm.L. Gilbert "Regulator No. 10", in walnut, restored.
C.1889, E. Ingraham and Co., THISTLE mantel clock
C.1889, German, Kienzle, Berlin Style Free
C.1889, New Haven "Chatelaine", wall hanging cartel clock
C.1889, New Haven Clock Co., "Lighthouse" Automaton clock,
C.1890, American, Novelty "Father Time" Alarm in very good original condition.
C.1890, Another French Blue Cobalt porcelain urn,
C.1890, Ansonia 8-Day "Fisherman Swing"
C.1890, Ansonia Clock Co., "AUGUSTA" 3-piece mantel set in good condition.
C.1890, Ansonia Clock Co., "Huntress and Fisher" double statue swing clock.
C.1890, Ansonia Clock Co., St. Clair, enameled iron mantel clock
C.1890, Ansonia "Fisherman" Swing Clock (desirable small arm) in excellent original condition.
C.1890, Ansonia "Huntress" Swing Clock in excellent original condition.
C.1890, Ansonia "Imogene" Black Enameled iron clock
C.1890, Ansonia JUNO Ball Swing Clock,
C.1890, Ansonia JUNO Canister Swing Clock,
C.1890, Ansonia "Queen Elizabeth" in very good original condition, with original finish, dial, hands and nice rear label.
C.1890, Austrian, 2-weight "Vienna Regulator" in an Alt Deutsch walnut case with "roof" style top, and lots of brass trimmings on the front.
C.1890, Austrian, 2-Weight, Vienna Regulator, in relatively dirty condition.
C.1890, Austrian, 2nd Baroque, 3-Weight wall clock, in a walnut case,
C.1890, Austrian, 3-Weight, Grand Sonnerie, in an extra long walnut baroque case (72 beat).
C.1890, Austrian, 3-Weight Grand Sonnerie wall regulator, Alt Deutsch,
C.1890, Austrian, 3-Weight Wall Clock
C.1890, Austrian, Gebruder Resch Alt Deutsch stytle wall clock
C.1890, Austrian, Gebruder Resch (Remember trademark), 2-weight regulator, with restorations.
C.1890, Austrian, Gebruder Resch, "Remember" trademark Wall Clock
C.1890, Austrian, Mini 8-Day "R-A" regulator
C.1890, Baird Clock Co., Plattsburgh, NY, clock advertising Clapperton"s Six Cord Spool Cotton, Geo D. Ross and Co., Agents, Montreal.
C.1890, Boston Clock Co., 8-day Crystal Regulator.
C.1890, Boston Clock Co., Tan Onyx mantel clock with gilt bronze ornamentation.
C.1890, Cherry Case Only, Full Length with neglect, as-found.
C.1890 (dated), English brass cased sedan clock, the case made as a gift to W. A. Roberts, and signed on the rear by the maker, one B. F. Baird.
C.1890, E. Howard and Co., Boston, Regulator No. 70,
C.1890, E. Howard and Co., "Regulator No. 9" Figure 8, walnut wall clock in very good to excellent original condition.
C.1890. E. Ingraham and Co, "Dew Drop" Calendar clock, time and strike (8-day).
C.1890, E. Ingraham "Reflector" in very good condition.
C.1890, E.N. Welch "9 Inch Drop Octagon" in rosewood and in good restored condition.
C.1890, E.N. Welch, Black marble and red onyx mantel clock.
C.1890, E.N. Welch Mfg, Bristol, Kitchen Clock
C.1890, E.N. Welch Mfg, Bristol, Kitchen Clock
C.1890, E.N. Welch Mfg "NANON", walnut gingerbread clock
C.1890, E.N. Welch, "No. 1 Drop Octagon"
C.1890, E.N. Welch, Walnut Gingerbread Clock
C.1890, English, 2-Fusee, Mahogany cased wall clock, in an attractive case with carved floral trim, carved base bracket, fretted and hinged side doors and a broken arch top with fluted center finial.
C.1890, English, 3-Fusee Bracket Clock on base.
C.1890, English, L. Casella (Maker to the Admiralty) a fine Robinson"s anemometer or wind measuring device, complete with fan and chimney top mount.
C.1890, English, Single Fusee Skeleton clock and dome.
C.1890, F. Kroeber Clock Co., New York, 8-day walnut shelf clock.
C.1890, F. Kroeber, Walnut Mantel clock, with restorations.
C.1890, French, a large round brass cased wall clock, similar to a watch case, with a normal 4' dial and movement.
C.1890, French, a large Singing Bird in cage.
C.1890, French, a large Singing Bird in cage (2-birds).
C.1890, French, Annular Dial Urn clock in good restored condition.
C.1890, French, Architectural form, all ormolu clock, in interesting temple motif, with profusely engraved case.
C.1890, French, Architectural form, all ormolu mantel clock
C.1890, French, "Bicycle and Rider", Figural timepiece in very good condition.
C.1890, French, Black Marble Mantel clock, with broken time spring.
C.1890, French, Black Marble and Onyx Mantel clock
C.1890, French, Brass Architectural clock, the front with a fountain motif.
C.1890, French, Brass Form Cased Carriage clock in the shape of a continental lantern clock with bell on top, by E. Maurice and Co, Paris (movement signed and with number 12093).
C.1890, French, Bronze Architectural Clock in good, as-found condition, incomplete.