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Ithaca Calendar Wall Clock, Circa 1890
Ithaca "SHELF LIBRARY" Calendar Clock , circa 1874
J.C. Brown Empire Shelf Clock, circa 1840's
J.E.Caldwell and Co. American case with original French works, circa 1860's
Jacobean style miniature longcase clock, circa 1890-1900
Jahresuhrenfabrik 400-day Crystal Regulator, c. 1800
Japanese 8 Day Time and Strike in Hand Grained Case
Japanese Seikosha Clock Co. Schoolhouse Style Wall Clock, circa 1890
Japanese shelf clock, circa 1900
Jerome and Co. Rosewood Cased Shelf Clock, Circa 1870
Jerome and Co. Walnut Shelf Clock, "The Rhine"; circa 1879
Jerome Lever Wall Clock Rosewood Case
Jeweler's Regulator Wall Clock, Circa 1875
Junghans 8-Day Wall Vienna Regulator Style Clock. circa 1902
Junghans Bracket Clock, c. 1910
Junghans Chiming Wall Clock, c.1925
Junghans Elephant Swinger, circa 1910
Junghans Fancy walnut short-drop wall clock, circa 1890
Junghans German Black Forest Musical Mantel Clock, circa 1920
Junghans Westminster Chime with 5 Rods, circa 1900
Kroeber " ARABIA No. 1" , circa 1887
Kroeber "Jamestown" Shelf Clock, Circa 1880.
Kroeber "Louis XIV" Mantel Clock, Circa 1880.
Kroeber Victorian Shelf Clock, circa 1890
Kundo 400 Day Anniversary Clock, Ca. 1950
Kundo 400 Day Clock Ca. 1950
Kundo 400 Day Clock Ca. 1960
Large American Oak Cased Wall Regulator, Sessions Clock Co., C. 1901
Large English Fusee Wall Clock, Circa 1860
Large English rosewood bracket clock with original bracket, circa 1870
Large French Crystal Rregulator, c. 1890
Large French Mystery Clock
Large French statue clock
Large Octagonal Wall Clock
Late 17th Century, Austrian or South German, hexagonal quarter striking, full repeating, table clock, with stationery barrels for the hour and quarter strike and with chain fusee/verge for the time.
Late 18th Century, Continental shelf clock with crown verge and front swing, pivoted pendulum.
Late 19th Century, American, 8-day, Pivoted Pendulum cast spelter novelty, the replacement plastic dial now signed "Adams'.
Late 19th century gilt bronze French mantel clock, circa 1870
Late Victorian Faux Marble Mantel Clock, c. 1890
Late Victorian Faux Marble Mantle Clock, Circa 1890
Lenzkirch Bisque China Clock , circa 1870
Lenzkirch Bisque China Clock with Cherubs, c. 1870
Lewis Perpetual Calendar clock, circa 1863-1869
Limited Edition Reproduction of a Baird Figure Eight Advertising Coca Cola Clock
London Carved Oak Cased Barometer
(Lot of 2) C.1910, German, Jahresuhrenfabrik, 400-Day Crystal Regulator
(lot of 2) C.1953, German, 1> Schatz mini 400-Day "Anniversary" clock
Louis XIV Style Tortoiseshell Mantle Clock, c. 1850-60
Lux Cuckoo Clock, c. 1930s
Mahogany Cased Bracket or Mantel Clock, circa 1820
Mao Revolutionary Clock
Marble and Bronze Portico Clock, c. early 1900's
Marble clock with German Shepards, circa 1930
Meissen China Clock , circa 1860
Metal case Clock
Mid 19th Century, French, 4-Column Empire mantel clock,
Mid 20th Century, Chelsea 8" Inch Ship's Clock
Mini RA Regulator Wall Clock
Miniature Austrian Wall Clock
Miniature Carriage Clock, Circa 1930.
Miniature Oak E. Ingraham Schoolhouse Clock
Miniature OG with Mason's Reverse Painted Glass
Miniature School Clock, Circa 1910.
Miniature Schoolhouse Clock-time and strike
Miniature Woodworks Clock, Circa 1830
Mixed banjo lot: a C.1855 Attleboro, Mass
Mixed lot:
Mixed lot: A 3-weight grand sonnerie wall clock,
Mixed lot: A C.1770 French Marquetry Case in the Louis XIV style,
Mixed lot: A C.1820 Silas Hoadley Tallcase clock
Mixed lot: a C.1825 American wood movement in a C.1910, home-made country pine case, with a C.
Mixed lot: a C.1845 J.C. Brown Mini Ripple case, beehive, with original finish and great patina, NOW with a Waterbury 30 hour time and strike movement, dial, gong, hands. (Illegible label) The case is sound and has great potential if you have an early movement.
Mixed lot: A C.1850 Austrian Biedermeier case and dial,
Mixed lot: a C.1850 Howard and Davis
Mixed lot: A C.1850, Mini English carved drop dial case that undoubtedly had a fusee movement, NOW with an American, Jerome 8-day time only open spring movement.
Mixed lot: A C.1855 S.B. Terry time only movement in banjo case
Mixed lot: a C.1900 Junghans 2-Weight
Mixed lot: a C.1910 carved figure 8 case,
Mixed lot: A circa 1890 German Vienna style wall regulator, with new top and new door (with modern pressed trims), and the case refinished, the movement now with Waterbury style hands.
Mixed lot: A full size steeple case, C.1850, Brewster and Ingrahams, now with a C.1860 steel spring 30 hour movement, and with extra holes apparent in case.
Mixed lot: A period Girandole case,
Mixed lot: A quality chain fusee movement C.1900
Mixed lot: an incomplete Seth Thomas move-ment (strike train missing), now in a craft project clock with a home-made wooden geared pump with governor assembly in a derrick style case.
Mixed lot: An old Vienna movement
Mixed lot: An old Vienna movement
Mixed lot: An old Vienna movement
Mixed lot: An old Vienna movement
Mixed lot: C.1820, Austrian grand
Mixed lot: C.1825 American wood movement
Mixed lot: C.1825 Seth Thomas case and dial now with a C.1835 Jerome brass bushed wooden movement with 42 tooth 'scape (see detail photo).
Mixed lot: C.1850, a cute German wall case with an Austrian 2- day spring movement adapted to the case.
Mixed lot: C.1850 Birge and Fuller, Bristol, Conn. Mantel Clock
Mixed lot: C.1880 Austrian 2-weight
Mixed lot: C.1880 Austrian 2-weight
Mixed lot: C.1880 Gustav Becker 2-weight wall clock
Mixed lot: C.1880, "Remember", 2-weight
Mixed lot: C.1885 Austrian 2-weight movement wall clock
Mixed lot: C.1885, Austrian 2-weight regulator movement, wall clock
Mixed lot: C.1885, Austrian, "Remember" 2-weight
Mixed lot: C. 1890, German Oak mantel case clock
Mixed lot: C.1900, a fanciful ormolu wall case,
Mixed lot: C.1910, Gustav Becker 2-weight movement Wall Clock
Mixed lot: C.1915, Ingraham NIAGARA
Mixed lot: C.1925, A Seth Thomas off center case (with internal pulleys), now with a Riley Whiting backboard, label and movement.
Mixed lot: C.1950, Chelsea Marine timepiece, with 8.5" dial AND a matching brass clock case,
Mixed lot: E. Howard No. 5 weight movement, pendulum and hardware, in a 20 year old case, similar to the No. 11 keyhole.
Mixed lot: German, C.1880, Gustav Becker 2-weight movement Wall Clock
Mixed lot, Seth Thomas Regulator No. 2,
Mixed lot: This clock is mostly old, a movement by Jullien of Paris, C.1880,
Mixed lot: This is C.1850 stenciled tin case with MOP, now with a small German fit-up movement, and repainted dial.
Mixed lot: Vienna Case
Mixed lot: Vienna Case and Bracket
Mixed origin: C.1750, Continental 2-train movement, striking grand sonnerie sequence off of one strike train.
Musical automaton with clock, circa 1880.
New Haven Banjo Clock
New Haven Banjo clock No. 392, circa 1920's
New Haven banjo clock, circa 1920
New Haven Banjo Wall Clock with Chime, c. 1915
New Haven Charlemont Metal Case with Diamond like Stones around dial, circa 1900
New Haven Clock Co. Advertising Wall Clock, Sauers Extracts, circa 1890
New Haven Clock Co. Box Regulator Wall Clock, circa 1895
New Haven Clock Co. mantel clock, "The Senator", circa 1895
New Haven Clock Co. mini Banjo
New Haven Clock Co. Vienna Style Regulator No. 25 Wall Clock, circa 1889
New Haven Clock Co. Wall Clock, "Elfrida", circa 1895
New Haven Clock Co., "Whitney' Westminster chime banjo clock in good condition.
New Haven Figural Clock with Cherubs, c. 1930?
New Haven "GOTHIC GEM", circa 1880
New Haven Long Drop School House Clock
New Haven Metal case Clock
New Haven Mission Oak Clock, circa 1910
New Haven Regulator Wall Clock
New Haven Schoolhouse Clock
New Haven Standing Figural Statue Clock
New Haven Steeple Clock, circa 1900
New Haven Whitby Chime Banjo Clock
New York Steeple clock, circa early 1800's
Old Paris China Clock, Circa 1830.
Open Well Free Swinger Wall Clock, Circa 1930
Outstanding French Bronze and Black Marble, circa 1870
Oval French Crystal Regulator with Open Escapement, c. 1890
Oval French Marble with bronze figural panels., circa 1890's
P.H. Mourey French 3-piece Garniture Set, circa 1869
Painted Cast Iron Front Clock, c. 1850 - 1860
Porcelain and Bronze 3 piece clock garniture, c. 1900's
Rare Chelsea Deco Desk Clock, circa 1925
Rare Junghans Westminster Chime Wall Clock
Regulator "A" Wall Clock
Resch Brothers Vienna Regulator Wall Clock, circa 1901
Rococo Case Carriage Clock
Round Gallery Wall Clock
Royal Bonn "La Cannes" Mantel Clock, Circa 1900.
Royal Bonn Mantel Clock with Flowers, Circa 1900
S B Terry Weight Regulator Wall Clock, Circa 1840
Sambo Blinker, circa 1867
"Sambo" Blinking Eye Clock, c. 1867
Scottish 8- day breakarch dial painted longcase clock, circa 1830
Scottish Cuban mahogany longcase clock, circa 1830
Scottish Drumhead Tallcase clock, circa 1880
Scottish Mahagony Tallcase Clock, early 19th century
Scottish Tavern Wall Clock, circa 1810
Sesions "ST. CLAIR" clock, circa 1900
Sessions Banjo Clock
Sessions Black Mantle Clock
Sessions Box Regulator Advertising Wall Clock, circa 1910
Sessions Faux Marble Clock, circa 1900
Sessions Mission Oak , circa 1910's.
Sessions Mission Oak Wall Regulator, c. 1900
Sessions Oak Case Clock, circa 1900
Sessions round top shelf clock, circa 1900
Sessions Store Regulator "E" Clock, Circa 1910
Sessions Wall clock
Seth Thomas 10 inche Boiler Room Gallery Wall Clock
Seth Thomas No. 3 Navy Deck Clock, circa 1940's
Seth Thomas 30 Hour OG mantel clock
Seth Thomas Adamantine clock, circa 1880
Seth Thomas, American wood case. Ansonia, Unknown
Seth Thomas Banjo clock
Seth Thomas Bronze Gothic, circa 1910
Seth Thomas " CHICAGO"., circa 1875
Seth Thomas "Chicago" City Series Shelf Clock
Seth Thomas Chime Clock No. 72 , circa 1920's
Seth Thomas Chinoiserie Decorated banjo clock, circa 1900's
Seth Thomas , circa 1880's
Seth Thomas clock
Seth Thomas clock, "PARLOR CALENDAR No. 3", circa 1875
Seth Thomas clock, "PARLOR CALENDAR No. 3", circa 1875
Seth Thomas Column and Lions Mantle Clock, circa 1890
Seth Thomas "CRYSTAL DORIC No. 1" Crystal Regulator, c. 1913
Seth Thomas Crystal Regulator, c. 1891
Seth Thomas Crystal Regulator, c. 1910
Seth Thomas Crystal Regulator, early 20th century
Seth Thomas Crystal Regulator "EMPIRE No. 13", c. 1900
Seth Thomas Crystal Regulator "EMPIRE No. 13", c. 1900
Seth Thomas Crystal Regulator "Empire No. 65" with Cut Glass Columns, c. 1910
Seth Thomas " Dorothy " Figural Clock, c. 1910
Seth Thomas Double Dial No. 6 Calendar Clock, Circa 1876
Seth Thomas "Eclipse" Parlor Mantel Clock, circa 1895
Seth Thomas "EMPIRE No. 11" Crystal Regulator, c. 1900
Seth Thomas "EMPIRE No. 63" Crystal Regulator, c. 1910