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Seth Thomas Figural Clock with Angel, c. 1876
Seth Thomas Gallery Wall Clock, early 20th century
Seth Thomas "Globe" Large schoolhouse clock, circa 1900
Seth Thomas Gothic mantel clock, circa 1920's
Seth Thomas Gothic shelf clock, circa 1920's
Seth Thomas "Grandmother" Clock, circa 1900's
Seth Thomas Long Drop School House Regulator
Seth Thomas " Lucrece " Figural Clock, c. 1910
Seth Thomas mantel Clock, circa 1900
Seth Thomas mantel Clock, circa 1900
Seth Thomas mantel clock, circa 1910
Seth Thomas Mantle Clock, circa 1910
Seth Thomas Marine Chronometer, circa 1940's
Seth Thomas "Meditation" Table Clock
Seth Thomas mini-banjo clock
Seth Thomas Miniature Banjo Clock
Seth Thomas octagon wall clock
Seth Thomas " ODGEN'", circa 1887
Seth Thomas one of "THE METALS" series, c. 1910
Seth Thomas "Queen Anne" wall clock
Seth Thomas Regulator Wall Clock
Seth Thomas School House Clock
Seth Thomas Ship's Bell, circa 1930
Seth Thomas Ship's Bell, circa 1930
Seth Thomas Ship's Bell Strike, circa 1910's
Seth Thomas Ship's Bell with Wheel Bezel, circa 1940
Seth Thomas Ship's Clock, circa 1940's
Seth Thomas Ship's Strike , circa 1925
Seth Thomas short drop octagon wall clock
Seth Thomas Sonora Chime Mantle Clock
Seth Thomas Sonora Mantle Clock
Seth Thomas Square Gallery Clock
Seth Thomas Tambour mantel Clock, circa 1910
Seth Thomas Tambour Mantel Clock, circa 1913
Seth Thomas tambour mantle clock, early 20th century
Seth Thomas Tambour Quarter Chime Mantel Clock, circa 1925
Seth Thomas Triple Decker Mantel Clock, circa 1870
Seth Thomas Triple-Decker Shelf Clock
Seth Thomas "Tucker Bronze" , circa 1876
Seth Thomas U.S. Coast Guard, circa 1940's
Seth Thomas "Victoria" mantel clock
Seth Thomas Weight Driven O.G. clock, circa 1860's
Seth Thomas Westminster Chime, circa 1915
Seth Thomas with "ECLIPSE" pendulum, circa 1890
Seth Thomas with Strike on each quarter hour and hour count., circa 1900's
Seth Thomas "World" schoolhouse clock, circa 1900
Shaker Style Grandfather Clock
Shelf Clock
Small Vienna Regulator Clock, Circa 1880
Small Wood French Mantel Clock, Circa 1900
Southern American Tallcase Clock, early 1800's
Standard Electric Master Timepiece Wall Clock, c. 1910
Standard Electric Time Co. Case with quartz movement, circa 1900
Steeple Clock
Swedish country tallcase clock, 19th century
Swedish giltwood wall clock, Circa 1920
Swedish giltwood wall clock, Circa 1920
Swedish giltwood wall clock, circa 1920
Sweep Seconds French Mystery Clock
Swiss Atmos Presentation Clock
Swiss Jaeger le Coultre Atmos timepiece, circa 1960
Terry Clock Co. Mantel Clock, "Highland" model, circa 1884
The Kroeber Clock Co. Regulator Wall Clock, Model No. 45, circa 1895
Three (3) Westclox Baby Ben Alarm Clocks
Tiffany and Co. Crystal Regulator, c. 1890
Tiffany and Co., French Gilded Bronze, circa 1860
Tiffany Corinthian Column Crystal Regulator, c. 1900+
Tiffany Crystal Regulator, c. 1900
Tiffany Crystal Regulator, Made in France, c. 1880
Tiffany Crystal Regulator, Made in France, c. 1880's
Tiffany Crystal Regulator, Made in France, c. 1890
Tiffany Desk Clock with Alarm in Sterling Silver, c. 1900's
TIFFANY - French Crystal Regulator, c. 1890
TIFFANY - French Marble with Figural Frieze, circa 1890's
TIFFT Weight Driven Banjo clock, circa 1840
Unusual English Black Marble Castle Clock, circa 1860.
Unusual Jerome Steeple clock
Victor ca. 1930 Bakelite Case with New Movement
Victorian American Wall Clock, Circa 1890
Victorian Oil Painting Picture Clock, circa 1880
Victorian Shelf Clock
Vienna Longcase Regulator Clock, Circa 1900.
Vienna regulator, circa 1900
Vienna Regulator Wall Clock, Circa 1915
W.S. Johnson 8 Day steeple clock, circa 1850
Wall Regulator by Hamburg-American Clock Co., circa 1890
Walnut Cased Gingerbread Clock, circa 1900
Walnut Kitchen Clock
Walnut Kitchen Clock. , circa 1900's
Waltham clock, circa 1910
Waltham desk clock., circa 1920's
Waltham Grandfather Clock
Waltham Mantel Clock with Chime, circa 1920
Waltham Mini-Banjo Wall Clock, c. early 1900's
Waltham Tall Case Clock, Circa 1900.
Waltham Tallcase Clock, circa 1905
Warren Telechron Type "B" Master Clock
Waterbury 8 day Steeple Clock , circa late 19th century
Waterbury " ALPHA" Gallery Clock, circa 1912
Waterbury Black Mantle Clock
Waterbury Calendar clock No. 34, circa 1890
Waterbury Calendar Clock " YEDDO", circa 1895
Waterbury "CAVALIER" Figural Clock, c. 1900
Waterbury China Clock , circa 1890
Waterbury Cottage clock
Waterbury Crystal Regulator, "AUCH" Model, c. 1912
Waterbury Crystal Regulator, c. 1912
Waterbury Crystal Regulator, "TOULON" model, c. 1910
Waterbury Delft style clock, circa 1900
Waterbury Delft Style Porcelain Shelf Clock, circa 1905
Waterbury Enameled Iron, circa late 19th century
Waterbury "FESTUS" Kitchen Clock, circa 1912
Waterbury Figural Cherub Clock, c. 1900
Waterbury Kitchen Calendar Clock
Waterbury " LOZERE" Wood Cased Crystal Regulator, circa 1917
Waterbury Miniature Carriage Clock
Waterbury Mirrorside Parlor clock
Waterbury Presentation Banjo clock, circa early 1920's
Waterbury Regulator Wall Clock, Circa 1900.
Waterbury schoolhouse clock, circa 1890
Welch " HAL POINTER" Mantel Clock, circa 1891
Welch "Patti V.P." Mantel Clock, Circa 1875.
Welch, Spring and Co. Wagner calendar clock, circa 1878
Welch, Spring and Co. with B.B Lewis Calendar clock, circa 1880's
Welch "Verdi" long drop octagon wall clock
Welsh Mahogany Dial Clock, circa 1840
Westclox Baby Ben Style 1 Alarm Clock, Dated 1926
Westclox Big Ben Style 1a Alarm Clock, Dated 1926
Westclox Big Ben Style 1a Alarm Clock, Dated 1926
Westclox Big Ben Style 1a Leg Model, Dated 1925
Westclox Big Ben Style 5 Chime Alarm, Dated 1948
Westclox Big Ben Style 5 Chime Alarm, Dated 1948
Westclox Big Ben Style 6 Loud Alarm, Dated 1955
Westclox "Clock of Tomorrow", Dated 1955
Westclox "Clock of Tomorrow", Dated 1955
Westclox "Clock of Tomorrow", Dated 1955
William L. Gilbert O.G. clock, circa 1880's
Winterhalder and Hofmeir architectural clock, 20th century.
Winterhalder and Hofmeyer Clock with Alarm, circa 1880
Wm. L. Gilbert CottageClock, c.1890
Wood Works Transitional Mantel Clock, Circa 1830.
Ansonia Crystal Regulator
Ansonia Mantle
B.B. Lewis Perpetual Calendar Clock
Canadian Banjo Clock
Early French Clock
Early Schoolhouse
French Morbier Clock
German Arch Top Mantle Clock
German Shelf Clock W/alarm
Hanging Gingerbread
Ingraham Gallery clock
Mint Atmos Clock
Schoolhouse Regulator
Sessions Banjo
Sessions Banjo
Sessions Wall Mission Clock
Seth Thomas 1/2 Column Shelf
Seth Thomas Case
Seth Thomas Ships Clock
Ship's Bell
Time and Alarm French
1930's Cathedral Style Tubular Bell Grandfather Clock W/moon Dial
C.1840 Mah Scottish Longcase Grandfather Clock By "d. Lumsden, Anstruther"
C.1860 Antique Old English Moonphase Grandfather Clock
C.1860 Beautiful 8 Ft Tallcase French Morbier Clock W/rare Calendar Dial
Calendar Clock, Chimes Hour and Half Hour
Dutch Schippertje Wallclock, Moonphase and Chimes
Dutch Weight Driven Friese Start Clock
Emperor Bracket Clock Hermle Movement W/westminster Chimes
Emperor Moonphase Bracket Clock With Westminister Chimes
Heirloom Grandfather Clock
Oak Wall Regulator With Chimes
Victorian Musical Carriage Clock - Alarm Plays Tune
William Jourdain - London, English Grandfather Clock
3 Torsion clocks by Gustaf Becker.
4 various torsion clocks.
Annular column clock, c 1960
Annular Nightlight clock, French c1870
Atmos clock, c1969-79
Automaton clock, Austrian c1840
Ball driven clock, c 1960
Brillie table regulator, c1910
British 8 day chronometer, 19th century
British 8 day chronometer, c1810
British 8 day chronometer, c1825
British 8 day chronometer, c1900
British 8 day chronometer, c1970
British Art Deco wall clock, c1920
British Bracket clock, c1860
British chronometer, c1820
British chronometer, c1900
British Congreve clock, c1970
British figural clock, c1850
British mini longcase clock c1920s
British miniature rosewood bracket , c1870
British Oak cased wall clock by Vulliamy, c1850
British ormolu and silver mantel clock, c1820
British RAF "Ops Room" Sector clock by F.W. Elliott, c.1941
British Table Regulator, c1865