Antique Clocks Price Guide Index

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Cartier Mystery Clock, c. 1990
Cartier silver gilt and enamel strut back Art Deco 8-day desk clock, c. 1920
Champlevee French Carriage Clock, c. 1890
French Cloisonne strike and repeat carriage clock, c. 1880
Eastern European 17th style century hexagonal table clock, c. 1775
Enamel Easel Clock, c. 1870
Enamel Miniature Minute Repeater Carriage Clock, c. 1900
French one piece striking carriage clock, c. 1840
French Art Deco silvered brass and black enamel 8-day calendar desk clock, c. 1920
French gilt brass carriage clock style compendium, c. 1900
French hour and half-hour striking carriage clock, c. 1890
French quarter repeating carriage clock, c. 1890
French silver gilt, lacquer, agate, and mother-of-pearl Chinese style Art Deco miniature 8-day quarter repeating antique clock, c. 1930
French Strike and Repeat Carriage Clock, c. 1910
French Strike and Repeat Antique Caryatid Carriage Clock, c. 1880
French/English 8-Day Silver Gilt Hump-Back Carriage Clock, c. 1900
Grande sonnerie strike, repeat and alarm carriage clock circa 1880
Hamilton Model 22 Chronometer, c. 1941
Juvena onyx and rose quartz Art Deco desk clock, c. 1920
Miniature 2 pendulum Zappler clock. c. 1840
Miniature French Carriage Clock with Enamel, Panels, c. 1875
Miniature minute repeating carriage clock, c. 1900
Mother of Pearl Mock Pendulum Swiss Miniature Clock
Movado Ermeto Pullman 8-day desk clock
Small French strike and repeat carriage clock in the oriental manner.
Smokey agate, silver gilt and ivory Swiss 8-day desk clock.
Strike, repeat and alarm carriage clock
Striking and Repeating Zappler Clock
Swiss Automaton Desk Clock
Swiss quarter repeating 8-day travel clock.
Swiss silver gilt and mother-of-pearl mystery clock.
Tavannes jewelers display deck watch.
Ansonia Clock Co. Schoolhouse Regulator, c.1900-1905
Austin S Burwell, Bristal Conn., c.1840
E. Ingraham Co., c.1885
E. Ingraham Co., c.1910
E. Ingraham Co., c.1910
French Marble Japy Freres mantel clock, c.1870
Gilbert Mantel Clock, c. 1910-1920
Ithaca Calendar Clock Co. c1875
J C Brown Forestville Manufacturing Co., c.1860
New Haven Clock Co., c.1883
Seth Thomas Crystal Regulator, " Empire 305", c.1910
Waterbury Clock Co. Regulator, c.1900
C.1874, F. Kroeber "THISTLE", shelf clock
C.1891, E.N. Welch Mfg. Co., "The Jewel" shelf clock
C.1923, Waterbury Clock Co., "The Wasp" Alarm clock
C.1925, New Haven Clock Co. shelf clock
C.1920, Bulle, Electro Magnetic mantel clock
C.1935, Western Clock Co., Westclox "Big Ben" Alarm Clock
C.1901, Ansonia Clock Co., "Repeater" Alarm Clock
C.1900, German Alarm Clock.
C.1905 Ansonia Clock Co., "Pirate" Alarm Clock
C.1928, Poole Manufacturing Co., "The Executive" Battery shelf clock
C.1915, New Haven Clock Co., "Wardrop" wall clock
C.1878, Seth Thomas Mini Cottage clock, shelf clock
C.1870, Seth Thomas, Tudor No. 3, shelf clock
C.1880, Seth Thomas Mini Cottage, shelf clock
C.1905, Parker Clock Co., figural alarm shelf clock
C.1905, Parker Clock Co., Meriden CT. "No. 604" shelf clock
C.1910, Parker Clock Co., "Parker Rotary Hammer Alarm" No. 109.
C.1935, Western Clock Co., Westclox Novelty shelf clock
C.1910, German porcelain shelf clock
C.1915, Seth Thomas Clock Co., "Peer" Tambour shelf clock
C.1901, Ansonia, "Greenwich" metal case mantel clock
C.1910, Darche Mfg. Co., "Flashlight Electric Alarm Bank and Call clock".
C.1930, Trade Novelty shelf clock
C.1910, New Haven Clock Co., porcelain shelf clock
C.1913, Seth Thomas Clock Co., "Celtic" mantel clock
C.1909, Seth Thomas Clock Co., "Empire No. 1" Extra shelf clock
C.1880, E. Ingraham and Co. "Venetian No. 2" 30-hour shelf clock
C.1900, French Carved Wood Wall clock
C.1910, Sessions Clock Co. wall clock
C.1911, New Haven Clock Co., "Thoreau" Crystal regulator shelf clock
C.1910, English, Pearson, Page and Co., Birmingham, Clepsydra, wall clock
C.1907, German, Gustav Becker, 400-Day clock shelf clock
C.1910, German, Hamburg American Clock Co., shelf clock
C.1930, Lux Clock Mfg, mini nickel plated wall clock
C.1930, Lux Clock Mfg, Waterbury, Conn, mini nickel plated wall clock
C.1910, Darche Mfg. Co., "Flashlight Electric Alarm Bank shelf clock and Call clock".
C.1910, Darche Mfg. Co., "Searchlight Electric Alarm and Call Clock".
C.1980, Russian (CCCP), home market cuckoo clock
C.1920, Swiss, Baume and Mercier, Geneve, Novelty Fob wall clock
C.1930, Belgian Menize pigeon timer
C.1910, Seth Thomas Long Alarm shelf clock
C.1912, a lot of 2 Lux novelties
C.1917 (dated case), 8-day desk clock
C.1930, Chelsea, 8-day Clock and Barometer Desk Clock
C.1950, Chelsea, 8-day Bronze Desk clock
C.1950, Chelsea 110v. Electric Desk clock
C.1970, Chelsea, for Arcade Malleable Iron Co. shelf clock
C.1910, Seth Thomas, Outside Bell, Ship's bell wall clock
C.1934, Chelsea, Art Deco Desk clock
C.1929 (dated case), Chelsea desk set
C.1943, Chelsea for U.S. Army, Clock, Message Center
C.1910, Tiffany Never-Wind shelf clock
C.1920, Seth Thomas, Mahogany Tambour clock
C.1900, Seth Thomas, Mini adamantine advertising clock
C.1890, Boston Clock Co., Marble and Bronze shelf clock
C.1880, Swiss, 8-tune Music Box
C.1900, German, 30-Hour Mini wall clock
C.1880, Ithaca Calendar Clock Co., No. 9 Shelf Cottage Clock.
C.1886, Seth Thomas Clock Co., "Parlor Calendar No. 5" Walnut shelf clock.
C.1880, Ithaca Calendar Clock Co., "No. 10 Farmer's", shelf clock
C.1850 Terry Andrews, Steeple on Steeple shelf clock
C.1842 (dated) D.M. Tuthill shelf clock
C.1860, Seth Thomas, 8-day weight shelf clock
C.1866, Seth Thomas Clock Co. Calendar Clock
C.1929, New Haven Clock Co., "Willard" variant Banjo Clock
C.1840, Banjo, wall clock
C.1910, German, Musical Strike wall clock
C.1880, German, Lenzkirch, R-A Wall Regulator clock
C.1875, Seth Thomas, Parlor Calendar No. 3 shelf clock
C.1920, English Gravity Clock
C.1832, Marsh, Gilbert and Co., shelf clock
C.1890, French, Japy Cie, shelf clock
C.1900, French, No. 3 shelf clock
C.1900, E. Ingraham and Co., Dew Drop, wall clock
C.1890, German, Quarter Striking Bracket clock
C.1870, Terry Clock Co., shelf clock
C.1900, Swiss, Round Glass Paperweight clock
C.1855, E. and A. Ingraham, wall clock
C.1899, E. Ingraham and Co. "Admiral Dewey" shelf clock
C.1842, (dated) Wells Forbes, shelf clock
C.1850, J.C. Brown, 8-Day OOG shelf clock
C.1850, Wm.S. Johnson, 30-hour OG shelf clock
C.1950, Colonial Mfg., Willard model, wall clock
C.1950, Chelsea, Electric timing device shelf clock.
C.1917, Chelsea, Babro No. 43. shelf clock
C.1919, Chelsea, shelf clock
C.1917, Seth Thomas, EMPIRE No. 200 crystal regulator shelf clock
C.1850. Brewster and Ingrahams, shelf clock
C.1890, Waterbury clock Co., DERBY, shelf clock
C.1948, Western Clock Co., Ben Franklin, 110-v. electric shelf clock
C.1875, Anglo-American wall clock
C.1930, German, Westminster Chime open well wall clock
C.1909, German, Gustav Becker, Westminster chime, shelf clock
C.1906, Waterbury Clock Co., "Navarre" crystal regulator shelf clock
C.1900, French, gallery wall clock
C.1925, Waterbury, "Ship's Bell No. 17" shelf clock
C.1875, Ithaca Calendar Clock Co., Cottage No. 5 shelf Clock
C.1888, Seth Thomas "12 Inch Drop wall clock
C.1905, Waterbury Clock Co., wall clock
C.1900, French, "Good Luck" novelty clock
C.1890, French, Patinated Spelter State of Summer Breeze, shelf clock
C.1910, Ansonia, La Savoie, Royal Bonn Porcelain china clock
C.1920, German, Black Forest Cuckoo and Quail wall clock
C.1870, French, Miniature Floral display shelf clock
C.1920, German, gilt shelf clock
C.1886, Seth Thomas, shelf clock
C.1845 Brewster and Ingrahams. Beehive shelf clock
C.1845 Forestville Mfg. Co. shelf clock
C.1853, E. and A. Ingraham. Miniature Iron case shelf clock
C.1855, C. Jerome, 30-hour marine wall clock
C.1915, Seth Thomas Clock Co., "Chime Clock No. 00" shelf clock
C.1890, French, alarm clock
C.1890, French, Night Light shelf clock
C.1883, Ansonia "ALHAMBRA", mantel clock
C.1968, Horolovar Co., Dickory, Dickory, Dock wall clock
C.1935, Lux Clock Mfg Co., animated desk clock
C.1901, Ansonia, Royal Bonn "La Lorne" shelf clock
C.1910, Ansonia, Royal Bonn, porcelain china shelf clock
C.1910, German, Gustav Becker, box style 2-weight regulator wall clock
C.1910, German, Gustav Becker, box style 3-weight grand wall clock
C.1875, German, Lenzkirch, wall regulator clock
C.1860, German, Gustav Becker, 2-Weight regulator wall clock
C.1840, Austrian, 3-Weight Grand Sonnerie wall clock
C.1917, Chelsea, serial No. 112280, Ship's Strike shelf clock
C.1927, Chelsea, Ship's Strike wall clock
C.1919, Chelsea, serial No. 131086, shelf clock
C.1880, Ithaca Calendar Clock Co. shelf clock
C.1920, New Haven Clock Co., Slag Glass Novelty wall clock
C.1893, Waterbury, "Regulator No. 21" wall clock
C.1915, Ansonia DORVAL crystal regulator shelf clock
C.1850 Terry Andrews, 30-hour Steeple shelf clock
C.1849, J.C. Brown, 8-day, shelf clock
C.1900, German, Walnut Wall Regulator, wall clock
C.1880, French, Japy Freres, Walnut Wall regulator wall clock
C.1905, Gustav Becker, Silesia Line, Open Well Balcony clock
C.1905, German, Gustav Becker, 2-Weight Wall regulator
C.1890, German, 2-Weight wall regulator
C.1909, German, Gustav Becker, 2-Weight Wall regulator
C.1875, Southern Calendar Clock Co., FASHION No. 2 shelf clock
C.1880, Ansonia Clock Co., "Symbol Extra" Crystal Regulator shelf clock
C.1910, German, Gustav Becker 8-day Westminster Chime mantel clock
C.1910, German, Gustav Becker 3-weight Grand Sonnerie wall clock regulator.
C.1880, German, Mercury Wheel Barometer, with clock
C.1850, Austrian 1-weight mini Vienna, wall clock
C.1900, German "MONK" Alarm Clock
C.1900, German "MONK" Alarm Clock
1883, Yale Clock Co., mini iron front shelf clock
C.1898, Gilbert "76 Alarm Rolling Bell", shelf clock
C.1950, United Electric Clock Corp, shelf clock
C.1940, Lux Clock Mfg. Co., new-in-the box wall clock
C.1810, Austrian, Small Silk Thread 30-hour timepiece shelf clock
C.1901, German, Gustav Becker, 2-Weight Vienna Regulator wall clock
C.1900, German, 2-weight wall regulator
C.1885, German, Gustav Becker, 2-weight wall regulator
C.1850, Bristol area, Single Weight wall clock
C.1870, French, 4-Column Empire Style mantel clock, restored.