Antique Clocks Price Guide Index

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C.1885, French, Marti, for J.E. Caldwell, Philadelphia gilt bronze lyre clock
C.1860, French Lyre Clock
C.1820, French Lyre Clock
C.1875, F. Kroeber, "Regulator No. 43" wall clock
C.1875, Black Forest Carved Figural clock
C.1950, Mass Area, a well made lyre clock
C.1875, Black Forest Carved Clock Garniture
C.1880, Black Forest Carved mantel clock
C.1880, Black Forest Carved Figural clock,
C.1830 Silas Hoadley, Plymouth, Conn., column and splat shelf clock
C.1875, Welch, Spring and Co., "Patti No. 2" shelf clock
C.1880, E.N. Welch, "Lucca V.P." clock
C.1878, F. Kroeber, New York, SAXONIA, a large figural clock
C.1830, French, Ormolu Figural Clock with dome and base
Mixed lot:
C.1912, Chelsea "Mahogany Gothic" clock for Tiffany Co., New York
C.1927, Chelsea oak cased lever wall clock
C.1920, Chelsea, No. 139533, Tambour clock No. 4
C.1900, French, Marti, Crystal Regulator shelf clock
C.1850, French, Nicod, Rue de Sts Perres, Figural Clock
C.1930, English, BENSON, 8-Day Ship's Wheel desk clock
C.1915, Ansonia, Crystal Regulator No. 3 shelf clock
C.1915, Ansonia, Crystal Regulator No. 3 shelf clock
C.1886, Ansonia, "Novelty No. 35", Lock and Key clock
C.1877, Seth Thomas' Sons and Co., New York, Pattern No. 8051 mantel clock
C.1890, F. Kroeber (attributed) Figural clock of a Warrior.
C.1874, Ithaca Calendar Clock Co., No. 7 Shelf Cottage clock
C.1893, Waterbury Clock Co., WINDOW CLOCK
C.1915, Chelsea, Locked Square Offset Auto Clock
C.1870, Seth Thomas, Mini Cottage, flat top cottage clock
C.1914, Ansonia Clock Co., "Crystal" Crystal regulator
C.1855, American Clock Co., New York. Iron Front shelf clock
C.1880, F. Kroeber, New York "Jamestown" 8-day Ebony case shelf clock
C.1886, Seth Thomas Clock Co., "Octagon Top" mini cottage clock
C.1880, F. Kroeber, New York, 8-day walnut shelf clock
C.1870, German, Lenzkirch, for the French market, small round dial wall clock
C.1880, German Perpetual Wall calendar clock
C.1890, French for J.E. Caldwell, Philadelphia, Wall sconce with figural clock
C.1902, Seth Thomas "NAPLES" clock
C.1905, Seth Thomas "WALES" clock
C.1860, French Bronze and Marble Figural clock
C.1911, Chelsea shelf clock
C.1840 Smith and Taylor, New York, N.Y. Miniature 30 hour spring OG clock
C.1910, German, Junghans, Art Nouveau spring wall regulator
C.1910, Junghans, Walnut "R-A" Wall regulator clock
C.1901, German, Gustav Becker, 2-Weight wall regulator clock
C.1903, German, Gustav Becker, 2-Weight wall regulator clock
C.1900, French, Clock and Barometer Wall unit with shelves and a thermometer
C.1875, French, Morbier, 2-Weight Wag on the Wall clock
C.1860, French, Morbier, 2-Weight Wag on the Wall clock
C.1875, French, Picture Frame clock,
NH Mirror shelf clock, Mixed lot: C.1840, Aaron Smith, Ipswich, Mass
C.1825, Mark Leavenworth and Son, Waterbury, Conn pillar and scroll clock
C.1890, French Figural Clock
C.1850, French, Fancy Portico Clock in the Boulle style
C.1895, French, H and H, 4-Glass mantel crystal regulator shelf clock
C.1851, Terry, Downs and Burwell, Bristol, Conn, small iron front clock
C.1910, French 3 piece Art deco figural clock garniture
C.1890, French, A Monumental Bronze 3-Piece clock garniture
C.1890, F. Kroeber, New York Enameled Iron mantel clock
C.1890, French, A. Chapus, Paris, silvered bronze and blue lapis mantel clock
C.1835, R. and J.B. Terry, Bristol, Conn. Triple Decker shelf clock
C.1880, Ithaca Clock Co., "No 8 Shelf Library" calendar clock
C.1845, Birge and Fuller, Bristol, Conn. 30-hour wagon spring double steeple clock
C.1900, French for Tiffany Co., New York, Grand Sonnerie Carriage Clock
C.1900, French, for Veuve - Montpellier, a column case carriage clock
C.1910, French for Bailey, Banks and Biddle, Philadelphia time and alarm carriage clock
C.1870, English, Joseph Somalvico and Co. banjo wall barometer clock
C.1910, German, Winterhalder and Hofmeier 9-tube, 2-tune longcase hall clock
C.1920, Austrian, 3-Weight Grand Sonnerie longcase clock
C.1863, Seth Thomas Parlor Calendar clock
C.1900, English Single Fusee Skeleton clock
C.1910, Ansonia Clock Co., 8-day Cast metal mantel clock
C.1890, French 8-day Black marble mantel clock
C.1790, Austrian, Gesso over Wood Mantel clock
C.1880, Ithaca Clock Co., "No. 10. Farmer's" calendar advertising clock
C.1845, Austrian, Miniature Desk Clock
C.1845, Austrian, Miniature Desk Clock
C.1895, French, Conical (rotary) Pendulum Annular dial alarm clock
C.1890, French, Conical (rotary) Pendulum Annular dial alarm clock
C.1895, French, Farcot, Annular Dial alarm clock
C.1885, Ansonia Clock Co, NAVY novelty clock
C.1910, Ansonia Clock Co., Specialty Advertising clock
C.1881, Jerome and Co. (div of New Haven), novelty clock
C.1910, German, Junghans, Cleopatra Swing clock
C.1880, French, in the style of Louis XVI, miniature tall case on bracket clock
C.1880, French, Planchon, Palais Royal, Paris, a copy of an Italian night clock.
C.1825, French, Vaillant, Paris, Empire Mantel clock
C.1880, French mantel clock, in the style of Louis XIV
C.1890, German, Open Well Balcony Wall Clock
C.1958, German, Oswald Gmbh, Scotty Dog novelty shelf clock
C.1890, French, Eiffel Tower novelty alarm clock
C.1965, Swiss, LeCoultre, BELLOWS novelty clock
C.1891, E.N. Welch Mfg Co., "Little Grip" novelty clock
C.1929, Waterbury ENSIGN model advertising shelf clock
C.1930, English, "THE WILLIS WORLD CLOCK" shelf clock
C.1880, Ithaca Clock Co., "No. 10. Farmer's" calendar clock
C.1850 Terry Andrews, Ansonia, Conn. 30-hour Beehive clock
C.1875, E. Ingraham and Co., "Grecian" 8-day shelf clock
C.1870, Unknown 30-hour iron front shelf clock.
C.1915 Seth Thomas Clock Co., U.S. Navy Deck Clock No. 1.
C.1881, E. Ingraham and Co., "Ingraham Calendar" shelf clock
Herschede chiming mantel clock, c. 1945,
Sessions Black mantel Clock, c. 1880
Sessions Mantel Clock, c. 1885
Ansonia Hanging Kitchen Clock
Seth Thomas Sonora Chime Adamantine Mantel Clock, c. 1908
German Grandfather Clock, c. 1885
Seth Thomas City Series Clock, Beijing Model, c. 1875
German Junghans Wall Clock, c. 1885
Seth Thomas Tambour Mantel clock, c. 1900
E.N. Welch Shelf Clock, circa 1875.
Le Coultre Atmos Clock
French Picture Frame Wall Clock, c. 1880
c. 1885-90, German Lenzkirch Mantel Clock
Ansonia Schoolhouse Drop Trunk Clock, c. 1885
Seth Thomas Mantel Clock, c. 1920
Junghans Three Finial Bracket Clock in walnut case, c. 1885
French Repeater Carriage Clock, c. 1880-1890
English Single Fusee Gallery Clock, c. 1890-1900.
Ansonia Black marble Mantel Clock, c. 1881
Herschede Tambour mantel clock, c. 1920
c. 1880, German Junghans Regulator Wall Clock
This German Westminster Chime Wall Clock, c. 1885
c. 1890, Drop Trunk Wall Clock
E.N. Welch Steeple Clock, c. 1875
Seikosha Gallery Railroad Clock, circa 1900.
Ansonia Dial Lever Clock, c. 1880-85
New Haven Clock Co. walnut parlor clock, c. 1881
Square E. Ingraham Picture Frame Clock, c. 1878
Shelf clock with music box that plays on the hour; c. 1900
Seth Thomas Ship's Clock, c. 1900
Waterbury Drop Trunck Schoolhouse Clock, c. 1885
Box wall regulator, c. 1900
Junghans mantel clock, c. 1890
Wall clock with etched glass, c. 1900
Sessions Black Mantel Clock, c. 1906
Waterbury Regulator Wall Clock, "Stork" model,
Wall clock, c. 1900
French "Sevres" porcelain mantel clock, c. 1860 - 70
Ansonia marble mantel clock, c. 1881-2
c. 1885, Waterbury Jeweller's Advertising Wall Clock
Chinese bracket clock, c. 1860
Seth Thomas New York City Series mantel clock
Carved Oak Cased Gallery wall clock, circa 1890
SethThomas Sonora Chime Mantle Clock, Adamantine case
EN Welch Walnut Mantel Clock, circa 1870
Seth Thomas Peking City Series Model, c. 1885
Gilbert No. 6 Wall Regulator Clock, c. 1875
German GUB Ship's Chronometer
Junghans Box wall regulator, c. 1900
German Kienzle wall clock, c. 1880's
Waterbury Hanging Parlor Clock, c. 1874
Herschede Electric Shelf Clock with Ship's Bell strike, c. 1925
Lux Electric Calendar Clock, 2nd half 20th century
Pillar and scroll mantle clock circa 1825
Mirrorsides Shelf clock circa 1835
Nickel plated tin case alarm clocks circa 1914
Tin alarm clock circa 1857-80
Dutch "Tail" wall clock circa 1890
Connecticut Iron Front Shelf Clock c. 1895
Seth Thomas Regulator No. 2
Wood Works Mantle Clock c. 1825
"Dutch" scene desk clock c. 1935
Gingerbread Kitchen Clock c. 1895
Waterbury Shelf Clock c. 1890
Column and Splat Shelf Clock c. 1835
Bedside Alarm Clock c. 1920
French Artist's Palette Clock c. 1889
Atmospheric-Never-Wind Shelf Clock
Wall calendar clock c. 1880
Carved Column and Splat Mantle Clock c. 1832
Decorative Alarm Clock
Dutch Wall Clock c. 1875
Musical Shelf Clock c. 1920
00 Large Wall Clock c. 1895
Large Wall Regulator Clock c. 1886
Figure Eight wall clock c. 1885
Seth Thomas pillar and scroll mantle clock
Steeple Clock c. 1865
Large Seth Thomas wall regulator c. 1909
Cuckoo Clock c. 1870
English Lantern Clock c. 1890
Bedside Alarm clock c. 1912
Iron Front Shelf Clock c. 1880
Ionic Wall Clock c. 1911
Cottage Shelf Clock c. 1885
30 day Ansonia wall clock c. 1901
English Tall case clock c. 1880
Adamantine shelf clock c. 1910
Walnut shelf clock c. 1890
Baby Ben alarm clock c. 1925
American "schoolhouse" clock c. 1901
Waterbury "tin can" alarm clock c. 1907
Ansonia "Monarch" Shelf Clock c. 1890
Baby Ben alarm clock c. 1929
Black Mantle Clock c. 1850
French Calendar Clock c. 1890
New Haven Steeple Clock c. 1870
New Haven, English Cased Wall Clock c. 1880