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C.1905, German, Kienzle, 400 Day clock with original dome and matched number disc pendulum.
C.1904, German, Jahresuhrenfabrik, 400 Day clock with disc pendulum No.20 (see Horolovar guide, page 196).
C.1910, Tiffany Never-Wind Clock Co., Buffalo, NY, battery clock in excellent original condition including dome (no battery).
C.1902, German, Jahresuhrenfabrik, for Carp Year-Long Clock Co, unusual Art Nouveau 400 day clock with large silvered dial and compensating pendulum.
C.1920, Barr Mfg, Weedsport, NY, Executive model battery clock in very good original condition, with original dome intact.
Mixed lot: C.1900, Brass Carriage Clock,
C.1900, French, Brass Cased Carriage Clock,
C.1880, French, Lighthouse Night Clock
C.1950, Lux, World Time novelty clock, in very good original condition.
C.1915, Ansonia Clock Co, "CROWN" crystal regulator in generally fair to good condition, with restoration.
C.1910, Ansonia Clock Co., OSCEOLA porcelain china clock
C.1900, French, Brass Cased Carriage Clock,
C.1880, German, Gustav Becker, 2-Wt "Vienna Regulator", with restorations.
C.1908, German, Gustav Becker, 2-Wt Art Nouveau, in very good original condition.
C.1870, French, Japy, White Marble and Bronze mantel clock set, with an interesting child actor with a Mercury head-dress, and his/her mask laying on the ground.
C.1900, French, LE RAISIN, figural clock set with side garnitures.
C.1810, English, Davies, Chester, primitive travel-alarm clock, signed by the maker.
C.1910, French, for Sutherland and Horne,Edinburgh (Scotland), 8-day brass carriage clock, time, strike and repeat, with original carry case.
C.1910, French, for the Scottish market, another "short" carriage clock consigned by a Scot.
C.1920, Austrian, 3-Wt Grand Sonnerie wall clock, movement NOT original to the case, restored and in good running order.
C.1920, German, Gustav Becker, box style regulator with 2-weight rod strike movement.
C.1914, Waterbury Clock Co., "Regulator No. 82" in mahogany, and in excellent original condition.
C.1905, German, for the French market, Westminster chime wall clock.
C.1895, Mixed lot:
Mixed lot: C.1850, a good Napoleon III Annular dial case, dials and top, into which has been fitted at C.1900 French time only movement,
C.1890, French Match Strike Alarm.
C.1890, German, Mini Black Forest "R-A" regulator in a carved case in the same themes as a cuckoo of that era.
C.1840, French, LeRoy, Paris, small rosewood with inlay mantel clock with silk thread suspension, as-found needing attention.
C.1900, European Aneroid Barometer-Altimeter with thermometer in a portable brass canister case with loop for hanging.
C.1870, New Haven Clock Co, Mahogany OG with restorations.
Wm. L. Gilbert "Regulator No.6", ca 1881.
German shelf cuckoo, 8 day, cast brass movement, strikes and cooks on the hours and half hours.
Ansonia Clock Co. "Crystal Regulator No. 6" ca.
Seth Thomas crystal regulator "Empire No. 6", ca 1904.
Seth Thomas crystal regulator "Empire No. 1000", ca 1909.
Waltham Clock Co., banjo.
Southern Clock Co., simple calendar, ca 1880's.
Ansonia Clock Co. crystal regulator, "Marquis", ca 1904.
Ansonia Clock Co. hanging weight clock, "Niobe", ca 1904.
Reeded pilaster and scroll top looking glass clock.
Rare automaton Dutch Staartklok or tail clock, dating back to the early 1800's.
Colonial Mfg. Co. hall clock, "Colony 1639", probably translates to ca 1963.
Waterbury Clock Co. "Galway", ca 1883. This is a very large mantle clock that is 36 1/2 inches high.
English triple chain fusee, 8 bell bracket clock.
Seth Thomas "8 Day Parlor Calendar", ca 1863.
Winterhalter and Hoffmeyer double chain fusee wall gallery clock.
Large French swinging arm mystery clock, or to us, "Swinger", ca 1890.
Cuckoo signed only "Made in Germany", painted case, 22 inches high.
American Cuckoo Clock Co., Philadelphia. 30 hour movement is signed "Made in Germany".
Rare French figural mystery clock, ca 1890. 25 inches high and in very good condition.
Seth Thomas & Sons metal clock, No. 8030. Case is 14 1/2 inches high and most probably was repainted at some time in a dull bronze color.
International Time Recording Co. wall regulator.
Electric Neon Clock Co., Cleveland "World's Largest Mfg.
Sperry & Shaw, New York, rare shelf clock with ripple trim around the door, base, and top.
Miniature Vienna type, wall regulator. It is only 25 inches high, walnut case with ebony finials, carvings, and trim.
Seth Thomas "Regulator No. 2", ca 1976.
Early French imitation Lyre clock. 8 day, silk thread suspension, round movement, outside count wheel, strikes a brass bell half hours.
French crystal regulator that would get a blue ribbon at the clock fair.
Seth Thomas "Dixie", ca around 1900. 8 day, time, strike, and alarm.
Sessions Clock Co. mantle clock, "Grand No. 2-1915".
French three piece set.
English fusee gallery. Oak case, carved leaves and vines as a border.
Ansonia crystal regulator "Crown", ca 1914.
Bradley Germany, musical alarm clock, plays "La Paloma".
Westclox Baby Ben, thirty hour movement with an alarm, runs.
Westclox "Baby Ben"
New Haven desk clock. Metal case with a green pearl overlay.
Sessions novelty clock, "Gothic No. 201" in gold.
Lux novelty clock, pearl or "Ivoreth" material. Case is 4 inches high, easel back.
Westclox "Ironclad", 5 1/4 inch iron case.
Westclox "Ironclad", 5 1/4 inch iron case.
Westclox "Ironclad", 5 1/4 inch iron case.
Westclox "Ironclad", 5 1/4 inch iron case.
Lux "Spinning Wheel" alarm clock, runs, spins.
Lux novelty paperweight clock, blue glass 3 inches high.
Lux novelty clock, pearl case, 4 inches high, easel back.
Lux novelty clock, 30 hour Lux movement is running.
USA novelty clock, looks identical to the Lux novelties.
Ansonia Clock Co. novelty "Chic", ca 1914. 30 hour movement, no knobs or hands.
Kundo anniversary, manufactured by Cuckoo Clock Mfg. Co., West Germany.
Seth Thomas beehive case, desk clock, 5 1/2 inches high.
New Haven jewelry box with clock. Extra nice pink leather case, key lock, brass clock and brass trim.
New Haven jewelry box with clock. Extra nice blue leather case, key lock, brass clock and brass trim.
New Haven celluloid case clock, thirty hour movement is running.
Gilbert Clock Co. tambour in a modern wood case, painted green with gold designs.
Lux bank clock, thirty hour movement runs and stops, runs and stops.
E. Ingraham Co. 8 day alarm clock in a wood case, 9 1/2 inches wide by 6 inches high.
Syroco Wood decorative clock by "Syracuse Ornamental Co".
Benedict Mfg. Co. brass cased beehive clock.
Ansonia Clock Co. novelty. A block of wood on a base.
H.A.C. made in Wurttenberg". Onyx clock in shape" of a building, 7 inches wide, 6 1/4 inches high.
Jennings Bros. novelty clock. 3 3/4 inch case finished in rich Roman ormolu gold, about half gone.
Seth Thomas miniature cottage, case only, called "Early Cottage" in the catalogs.
Benedict Mfg. Co. novelty clock. Thirty hour time only, porcelain dial with seconds ring, beveled glass.
Lux Clock Co. porcelain clock, 7 inches high.
Sessions novelty clock with easel stand. 30 hour movement won't run long, very sluggish.
Standing novelty clock, 9 1/2 inches high.
German desk clock in a solid black mahogany wood,
Lux bank clock with key to open the bank.
New Haven novelty, cross section of a log, 5 1/4 inches in diameter, called "Bark Art".
Seth Thomas carriage clock, "Joker", ca 1910. Case is gold gilt andetched in front and handle.
New Haven novelty clock. 4 inch case has been refinished, easel stand.
United Clock Co. "Ballerina Clock with Music", ca 1955.
Jennings Bros. novelty clock. 4 inch case has been repainted, has an easel stand.
New Haven novelty clock, "Trianon", ca 1900. 7 1/2 inch bronze case, finish still very good.
New Haven novelty clock, "Trianon", ca 1900. 7 1/2 inch bronze case, finish dull.
Here's an example of what you can make if you will only use some imagination.
Ansonia Clock Co., "Lever Gallery", ca 1904. 8 inch paper dial, original and pretty good.
German miniature musical alarm clock, 5 1/2 inches high.
Miller 8 day plate clock. Dutch flow blue design on the 10 inch inverted case.
German plate clock, 8 day pendulum movement, running.
Carriage clock by Seikosha, Tokyo, Japan.
Lux Clock Co. blue ceramic "Jug" clock, 7 inches high.
Lux Clock Co. green ceramic "Jug" clock, 7 inches high.
Lux Art Clock, made from an unbreakable wood product, walnut finish, hand colored ornate flowers, etc.
Globe pendulum clock,
Western Clock Mfg. Co. novelty with easel stand.
Seth Thomas miniature tambour clock in a wood case, 9 inches wide and4 inches high.
E. Ingraham walnut shelf clock, "Caprice", ca 1882.
Middlesbury electric shop clock. Label of instruction on the back.
New Haven miniature china clock, has no case damage.
Lux "Lansdown Art Clock No. 502", ca 1928.
Telechron round electric advertising clock, running.
German plate clock, Dutch motif, blue and white.
Jennings Bros. novelty clock. Thirty hour time only, porcelain dial with seconds ring, beveled glass, running.
Seth Thomas kitchen clock, "Savarin", ca 1928. White enamel case with decorations in blue.
Globe pendulum clock. 30 hour spring movement, not running.
Western Clock Co. metal case, 9 inches high.
Seth Thomas novelty clock. 30 hour movement, runs and quits.
Warren Telechron Co. Ashland, Mass. Electric gallery, running.
Gilt novelty clock. Very ornamental, gold plated, metal frame, 11 inches high.
Benedict Mfg. Co., movement by Waterbury Clock Co., tambour style bronze case is 7 inches wide, 3 1/2 inches high.
New Haven Clock Co. tambour clock, "Romeo", ca 1913.
German 8 day plate clock, 8 1/4 inches.
Benedict Mfg. Co., movement by Waterbury Clock Co..
New Haven brass, balloon style, desk clock. 30 hour movement, needs service, not running, but all there.
Gilbert Clock Co. novelty clock, 8 day time only and running.
German box clock. 8 day movement striking a gong on half hours, runs good.
German owl in a cuckoo motif. 30 hour pendulum movement, imitation pull up cuckoo weights.
Jennings Bros. novelty clock in a rich Roman gold plated case that is 4 1/2 inches high.
Waterbury Clock Co. novelty, ormolu gold plated case is 5 inches high, with an easel stand.
The Lux Clock Mfg. Co. Waterbury, Conn. Novelty clock in the shape of a 20 inch iron deer with a clock on its back.
Schatz anniversary clock, with dome. Needs only a suspension.
Jennings Bros. novelty 6 inch case with rich Roman gold plating.
Hamilton novelty clock, ca l910. Thirty hour time, seconds dial on 2" porcelain dial, beveled glass, running.
United Electric "Fireplace", brass colored metal case.
Seth Thomas novelty "Bisley", ca 1915. One day time only movement is running.
Ansonia Clock Co. novelty clock, "Cute", ca 1904.
Benedict Clock Co. novelty. 30 hour Waterbury movement, porcelain dial, seconds dial, running.
Bulova Watch Co. carriage clock. 8 day, time only.
Seth Thomas "Doncaster" miniature tambour clock, 12 inches wide, 6 1/4 inches high.
Ansonia Clock Co. novelty clock, metal case, shape of tambour, 7 1/2 inches wide.
Miken Duck. Excellent condition,
National Clock Co. "Beating Heart" clock. Made of a wood product, carved and hand decorated, easel back.
Waterbury Clock Co. "Farmers", miniature shelf clock, 12 inches high.
Seth Thomas "No. 2 Boudoir", ca 1928. A swinging frame clock of two tone mahogany, 9 1/2 inches wide, 9 1/4 inches high.
Waterbury Clock Co. "6 Inch Lever". 8 day time only movement is not running.
Cuckoo with a full label, "American Cuckoo Clock Co., Philadelphia"
Seiko-Quartz World Time Clock. 8 1/2 inches square, gold colored metal case and dial ring.
Keyless Auto Clock Co., Rim Wind-Rim Set, 8 day movement, made in the USA, ca 1907-1915.
Selecto Clock, advertising for Coca Cola. Clock by Selected Devices Co.
Ansonia Clock Co. mantle clock "Chelsea", ca 1894.
Howard Miller contemporary ships bell clock, made in Western Germany.
New Haven shelf clock. Case has been stained very dark, it is probably walnut underneath.
Waterbury Clock Co. mantle clock, "Fargo", ca 1910.
United Clock Co. "Covered Wagon" clock, 19 1/2 inches wide,10 inches high.
Lenzkirsch alarm clock. Movement is Time and Alarm, inside a solid block of mahogany.
E.N. Welch novelty, "The Jewel", ca 1891.
E. Ingraham Clock Co. walnut parlor. 8 day movement strikes on a cathedral gong.
Waterbury Clock Co. carriage clock, "Conductor", ca 1893.
Lux Clock Co. 4 inch square case with 3D scene of town, bridge, water, and boat.
Lux "Bone and Dog" clock, ca 1930's.
Lux "Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer".
E. Ingraham mantle clock, enameled wood case, "Zenith", ca 1915.
Junghans shelf clock in a tambour style case.
Wm. L. Gilbert Clock Co. tambour "No. 1038", ca 1925.
Sessions Clock Co. mantle clock, enameled wood "Elsa", ca 1904.
Lux "Heartbeat", ca 1928. Pearl case, easel back.
Lux "Heartbeat" novelty clock, etched pearl case, inlaid jewels, easel back, 3 1/4 inches high.
Miniature Swiss travel alarm clock in a leather travel case, 2 1/2 inches high.
Daniel Pratt & Sons miniature cottage clock, 9 inches high.
Seth Thomas "Prospect No. 19", ca 1917. 8 day movement, strikes hours and half hours on a cathedral bell, correct pendulum bob, and runs.
Seth Thomas lever gallery clock, seconds dial above the hand arbor.
E.N. Welch Mfg. Co. novelty clock, "Le Roi", ca 1880.
Lux "Heartbeat", ca 1928. Pearl case, easel back, 5 inches high, 4 1/4inches wide.
Golden Novelty Mfg. Co. novelty clock. 30 hour backwind movement that is running.
Lux Clock Co. 4 inch square case with "Beer Drinkers".
New Haven novelty clock. 5 1/2 inch ormolu gold plate finish, about half worn.
E.N. Welch novelty, "The Jewel", ca 1891.
Swiss alarm clock, fancy brass case, double doors over the front, clock swivels in the case to access the back to wind and set hands.
Seth Thomas "O.G.", ca 1863. 30 hour weight mantle clock, strikes a coil gong, and is running.
Art object, signed "Retour a la Maison". 30 hour clock marked, "Made in USA".
Lux Clock Co. animated novelty alarm clock. Ticking of clock turns the spinning wheel and foot petal.
Ansonia Clock Co., brass hanging clock, ca 1904.
New Haven banjo, 12 day movement is running.
Mastercrafter "Swinging Bird". Clock is running, bird swings, light burns.
Ansonia Clock Co., "Eight Day Octagon Lever", ca 1904.
Ansonia Clock Co. enameled iron, "Bath", ca 1904.
Jungians wall clock, 4 glasses, middle beveled. 8 day, strikes half hour on 1 iron rod.
Lux Art Clock, "Heartbeat", ca 1928. Made of an unbreakable wood product, carved and hand decorated.