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Sessions 8 day banjo, lever movement, front wind.
New Haven novelty "Minot", ca 1906. 30 hour movement is not running.
American novelty, not signed or marked.
Seth Thomas "Wood Lever", ca 1924. 8 day lever movement is double spring.
Wm. L. Gilbert Clock Co. mantle clock, "Calypso", ca 1891.
Seth Thomas "Office No. l", ca 1922.
Lux "Schmoo" pendulette in a white case, ca 1951.
Forrestville Mfg. Co. Bristol, Ct. USA", signed on" the 8 day brass movement.
Mission shelf clock, windmill motif, 15 1/2 inches high.
Large 2 weight, brass movement, unsigned. Marked only "8553" and "50".
Waterbury Clock Co. porcelain clock "No. 207". 30 hour movement is not running.
New Haven novelty clock, similar to "Ardennes" No.
French bronze mantle clock. Matching hand painted dial and urn.
E. Ingraham electric hanging gallery clock with advertising.
French carriage clock, movement signed only, "Made in France".
Waterbury Clock Co. tambour "Blenheim", ca 1915.
Ansonia Clock Co. blue delf porcelain case. Extra fancy with attached flowers and leaves on the front like the Meisen china clocks.
Jerome & Co. New Haven, Conn. 30 hour shelf clock with rich gold decorations around both glasses.
American novelty, no name. Large for this type clock, 11 inches.
Ansonia Clock Co. enameled iron, "Savoy", ca 1904.
Hammond "Bichironous" electric gallery.
Wm. L. Gilbert Clock Co. mantle clock, "Biller".
Seth Thomas city series, "Chicago", ca 1875. Seth Thomas exported many clocks to China.
Zandam, miniature, 17 inch case, identical to the larger ones we have sold in the past.
Wm. L. Gilbert Clock Co. mantle clock, "Waverly", ca 1879.
Seth Thomas miniature "Cottage Extra", ca 1875. This model is rare because the case is oak.
Chauncey Jerome, New Haven, Conn. Beehive shelf clock with an 8 day movement that strikes the hours.
German cuckoo. 30 hour movement runs and cooks.
Salem ships bell. 8 day, jeweled movement, strikes ships bells hours and half hours on an iron coil gong, and is running.
Lux "Black Cat" clock, ca 1930's. Red bow tie.
New Haven novelty clock, cupids holding the clock while kneeling on a block of green onyx,
Ansonia Clock Co., metal cased, "Sussex", ca 1901.
Lux rare "Schmoo" pendulette clock. In good original condition, white with blue accents.
Ansonia Clock Co. enameled iron "Brest", ca 1901.
Large china clock, movement not signed, case marked "St.
C & LC Ives, or Joseph Ives, movement for 8 day, 3 decker type clock.
Atkins Clock Co., Bristol, Conn", on the full" label.
American novelty clock Unsigned, "St. Bernard". 30 hour clock on the dogs back.
Globe Clock Co., USA, signed on the movement and dial.
E.N. Welch walnut parlor clock, walnut case 21 inches high.
Wm. L. Gilbert Clock Co. miniature mantle clock, "Small Sharp Gothic", a 1879.
Wm. L. Gilbert miniature shelf clock, "Comet", ca 1875.
Chelsea Clock Co., clock-barometer unit, "Perry", ca 1931.
Seth Thomas marble cased clock. The case is marked on the back, "US Clock Case Co. Cincinnati, 1888".
Seth Thomas "Tudor No.1 ", ca 1863. 100% original including the old varnish like finish.
French or German box clock. 8 day trapezoid movement, time only, with enclosed spring barrel.
Waltham Clock Co. "Boudoir Clock", ca 1930. 8 day movement winds from the base, running.
Wm. L. Gilbert Clock Co. mantle clock, "Pilot Extra", ca1879.
Owl in a brass case marked only "Made in USA".
Daniel Pratt, Jr., Reading, Mass. half column and splat.
Lux American made cuckoo, movement is signed by "The Lux Clock Co.".
German box clock, unsigned. 8 day movement, strikes 3 gong rods bim bam, 1 hammer then 2 hammer.
Seth Thomas "Toledo", ca 1886. One of the famous and collectable City Series by Seth Thomas.
Parker Clock Co. alarm clock. 5 inch silver case.
French carriage clock, 8 day, time only, running.
Wm. L. Gilbert Clock Co. miniature mantle clock, "Rose Gilt Cottage", a 1885.
Seth Thomas hanging gallery clock, "Artic", ca 1912.
W & A Schmid Schlenker, Germany. 400 day or Anniversary type clock.
Ansonia Clock Co. novelty clock, "Scroll", ca l916.
French carriage clock, 8 day time only and running.
Ansonia Clock Co. mirror clock, "Modern", ca 1923.
Seth Thomas "Nashville", ca 1879, one of the City Series.
Seth Thomas Westminster "Chime Clock No. 77" , ca l922.
Seth Thomas wood cased mantle clock, "Paxo", ca 1902.
Waterbury Clock Co. "Suffolk", ca 1891. Walnut case was cleaned, polished, and loose pieces nailed tight.
Seth Thomas tambour "Peer", ca 1913. Very appealing case in mahogany,17 1/2 inches wide, 8 inches high.
Ansonia Clock Co. mantle clock, "Small Sharp Gothic", miniature steeple, a 1894.
Ansonia Clock Co., Ansonia, Conn. Patent Spring Brass" Thirty Hour Clocks", per the full label, ca 1850.
Seth Thomas miniature cottage, "Octagon Top", ca 1875.
Ansonia Clock Co., porcelain clock, "Warden", ca 1901.
Waterbury Clock Co. mantle clock, "Gibson", ca 1912.
Schatz "Royal Marine" ships bell clock, made in West Germany.
Waterbury Clock Co., "Ship's Bell No. 10", ca 1915.
New Haven "10 Inch Octagon Timepiece", ca 1920.
New Haven novelty clock, ca 1904. Dog in a hunting mode.
W.K. Sessions, modern banjo, 8 day Hermele movement, pendulum, dual chime rods, half hour strike.
International Time Recorder ITR.
Owl in cast iron case. Has great detail in the casting, feathers, feet, beak and has glass eyes.
E. Ingraham & Co. Bristol, Conn, miniature mantle clock, "O.
French box clock by "Vedette" a manufacturer of horological items since1935.
The Parker & Whipple Co., Meriden, Conn. 6 patent dates on the base, from 11-28-76 to 3-14-82.
Ansonia Clock Co. Royal Bonn "Agate", ca 1904.
Ansonia Clock Co. Royal Bonn "Agate", ca 1904.
New Haven novelty "Minot", ca 1906.
E.N. Welch "Empress VP", ca 1880. Movement is 8 day, strikes hours on a nickel bell and alarms on the same bell.
Gustav Becker box clock. 8 day movement is signed and strikes an iron coil gong on the half hour and hour.
New Haven Clock Co. mantle clock, "Laire", ca 1881.
Waterbury Clock Co. crystal regulator, "Vosges", ca 1913.
Brewster & Ingrahams, Bristol, Conn. Miniature OG. Original tablet,dial, pendulum, and label.
Ansonia Brass & Copper Co. metal case mantle clock, "Evangeline", a 1874.
E. Ingraham mantle clock, "Doric-Extra Gilt Columns", ca 1880.
New Haven novelty clock, "Nachusa", ca 1917. 30 hour movement is not running.
Jerome & Co. New Haven, Conn, ca 1845.
Atkins Clock Co. Bristol, Conn. miniature cottage clock.
Marble and bronze French column clock, movement signed only, "French".
French bronze and onyx statue clock. 8 day, bell strike movement with outside count wheel, signed "Ketterer-Paris".
Seth Thomas "Globe", ca 1909, case only. Good original 12 inch zinc painted dial.
Junghans bracket clock, 8 day movement strikes bim bam on quarters and number of hours hourly on 2 iron rods, runs well.
Gustav Becker alarm clock.
Seth Thomas ships clock. Came from an Ohio riverboat.
The Barnes Brothers Clock Co., Bristol, Conn.", per" the label on the back of the case.
New Haven Clock Co. mantle clock, "Small Gothic", ca1880.
Ansonia Clock Co. novelty clock, "Bower", ca 1906.
Seth Thomas crystal regulator, "Empire No. 301", ca 1913.
Ansonia Clock Co. Royal Bonn "Agate", ca 1904.
Seth Thomas "Tudor No. 1", ca 1863, or commonly known as a "tombstone" clock.
New Haven mantle clock, "Apollo", ca 1880.
LeCoultre Atmospheric clock, or Atmos.
German RA in a 37 inch walnut case which is large for this style clock.
French onyx mantle clock. 8 day movement strikes on a gong.
Jerome & Co. New Haven, Conn. Ca 1845. 8 day movement strikes hours on a coil gong, and is running.
Ansonia Clock Co. "8 Inch Drop Octagon-R.C.", ca 1901.
Seth Thomas "10 Inch Drop Octagon", ca 1924.
Warren Telechron "General Electric" refrigerator clock.
Jennings Bros. large novelty, 13 inches high. 30 hour movement is running.
The Parker & Whipple Co., Meriden, Conn.
O.G. Clock Co. 8 day calendar movement, signed New Haven, strikes the hours on a coil gong.
E. Ingraham "Iota", ca 1881. This is one in a series of round top, round bottom clocks, made by Ingraham in the late 1800's.
Seth Thomas, "Dayton", ca 1886, one of the 100 plus models of the series of clocks that Seth Thomas made popular.
Advertising clock for "Duquesne Pilsner" beer. The metal case is 13inches wide and 9 inches high.
New Haven cabinet clock, "Russia", ca 1889. Great antique oak case is 18 1/2 inches high, one brass ornament, below the dial.
Seth Thomas "Berkley", ca 1909. Mahogany case with gold plated metal trimmings, stands 11 1/2 inches high, 10 inches wide.
Seth Thomas "Tudor No. 1", ca 1863, or "Tombstone" as we call it today.
E. Ingraham Clock Co. "Ionic", ca 1870's.
Terry and Andrews shelf clock, ca 1840. Predecessor of the Ansonia Clock Co..
Seth Thomas "Dover", ca 1890, one of the poplar City Series.
Welch, Spring & Co. Forestville, Conn. "Italian", ca 1878.
Ansonia Clock Co. enameled iron, "Lourre", ca 1904.
New Haven "Waring" banjo, ca 1923. 8 day movement strikes hours and half hours on 2 long iron rods.
Bronze and marble French clock. The clock is being carried by 2 Egyptian ladies.
E.C. Brewster & Son, Bristol, Conn, ca 1850's.
Brewster & Ingrahams, Bristol, Ct. US", per the signed" movement and label.
Gustav Becker box clock, signed 8 day movement and gong base.
F. Kroeber "Porcelene" trade mark. Label is "Louis XIVth Porcelene".
Seth Thomas tall clock brass dial. The arched section is a mock moon.
Seth Thomas "Lodge", ca 1892. 7 inch metal case, gold gilt on the front, brass back, nickel otherwise.
Ansonia Clock Co. "King", ca 1901. 22 inch black walnut case, never refinished or cleaned, metal lions head ornaments on the posts and a ladies bust on top.
German RA. This is a very nice one that anyone would be proud to hang in their home.
Seth Thomas "Omaha", ca 1886.
Chelsea Clock Co. Boston, ships type clock, in a case they describe as "molded phenolic material".
Seth Thomas "Banjo No. 2", ca 1929. 8 day, 4-jewel movement, strikes hours and half hours on a vertical rod, and is running.
Waterbury Clock Co. rare "Octagon Lever", ca 1881.
German box clock with trademark of crossed arrows (Jungians) on back of the case and on the movement.
Seth Thomas mantle clock, "O.G. Top", ca 1863.
Wm. L. Gilbert Clock Co. Winsted, Conn. Metal gilt covered clock, "Kingston", a 1900.
Ansonia Clock Co. crystal regulator, "Prism", ca 1914.
Seth Thomas "12 Inch Drop Octagon", ca 1924.
German cuckoo, different case style with a fox below the dial, and an eagle eyeballing the fox.
Smith & Goodrich, Bristol, Conn. Early steeple clock, ca 1844.
Seth Thomas "Globe", ca 1909. A handyman special, needs the green paint removed.
Seth Thomas "Office No. 11", gallery clock ca 1922.
Waterbury Clock Co. porcelain clock, "Parlor No. 94", ca 1900.
Ansonia Clock Co. blue delf case, 8 inches high.
New Haven 30 day banjo, "Willard", ca 1911.
Seth Thomas "Arch Top", ca 1886. Great 16 inch case with different shades of wood.
Seth Thomas "Concord", ca 1886. One of the better City Series models.
Waterbury Clock Co. advertising for "Ingersoll Watches". The clock is a "Waterbury Electric-Correct Time".
Early Black Forest clock made from two pieces of wood.
French bronze mantle clock. It has new gilt that may be a little bright for some folks, looks doggone good to me.
Ansonia Clock Co. crystal regulator, "Prism", ca 1914.
LeCoultre Atmospheric Clock, commonly called "Atmos". 15 jewel movement is running briskly.
Seth Thomas "Chime Clock No.214", ca 1915.
Boston Clock Co. "Queen Anne" carriage clock, ca 1890.
Boston Clock Co. carriage clock, "Queen Anne", ca 1890.
Seth Thomas mantle clock, "La Fleur", ca 1909.
Wm. L. Gilbert "Drop Octagon Calendar", ca 1875.
Seth Thomas "12 Inch Drop Octagon", ca 1924.
German box clock with Westminster chime movement by Kienzle.
Seth Thomas hanging clock, "Globe", ca 1915.
French statue clock, red marble case with white veins, statue of a Roman soldier, standing 18 1/2 inches high.
New Haven porcelain clock, "Latimer", ca 1900. Imported case marked "Carlsbad China Austria".
Seth Thomas & Sons top of the line in slate or marble clocks.
Japy Freres bronze cartel clock. 15 day movement, signed by Freres, bell strike, outside count wheel.
Ansonia Clock Co. crystal regulator, "Marquis", ca 1904.
French miniature crystal regulator, less than 9 inches high.
Seth Thomas "Office No.1", ca 1875. Walnut veneer case, 25 inches high, has retained much of its original look.
German-Oswald "Wise Old Owl", ca 1958, with moving eyes that tell the time.
New Haven "Willard" banjo, ca 1929. Solid mahogany case is 41 inches high, 12 1/4 inches wide, hand rubbed finish.
New Haven crystal regulator "Thoreau" ca 1911.
E. Ingraham banjo clock, "Nile", ca 1915.
Ansonia ? porcelain clock. Ansonia movement in another makers case.
Ansonia Clock Co. mantle clock, "Triumph", ca about 1870-1880.
E. Ingraham hanging clock "Navane", ca 1918. natural grain rubbed mahogany case, 20 inches high.
Germany-Germany, bracket clock. 8 day, 3 train movement, runs strong.
Chelsea Clock Co. tambour, Babro model No. 94 "Queen Anne", ca 1923.
Gustav Becker RA wall clock. May be 15 day,
Le Coultre Atmospheric clock, or Atmos clock as it is commonly called.
German Cuckoo-Quail. "Germany" stamped on the dial and "Sears Roebuck& Co.
Seth Thomas, "Nashville", ca 1879. One of the earliest of the City Series line.
E. Ingraham hanging store regulator, "Trenton", ca 1923.
Ansonia Clock Co. mirror side, "Triumph", ca 1870-l880.
Seth Thomas "Tradition", ca 1941, in excellent condition.
Seth Thomas "Arch Top", ca 1886. 8 day, strike and alarm.
English chain fusee, ships clock, or has the look of a ships clock.
Chelsea Clock Co. ships bell with display case, 6 1/4 inches high and 8 1/4 inches wide.
Inkwell novelty clock. Double glass inkwells with very fancy stoppers.
Terry & Andrews, East Bristol, Conn., per the label on this early beehive clock.
New Haven "Vamoose", ca 1911.
Contemporary brass mantle clock, using a signed German movement, 8day, bell strike.
Gustav Becker box clock, signed movement and gong base.