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Forrestville Mfg. Co. column clock, ca 1848.
Ansonia Brass and Copper Co. time and strike shelf clock, ca 1869-1877.
Birge, Mallory & Co. column and splat clock, ca 1837-1843.
Atkins, & Porter miniature shelf clock, ca 1840-1846.
Atkins & Porter ogee clock, ca 1840-1846.
American column clock, Ca 1850-1856.
Mark Leavenworth & Son pillar and scroll, ca 1825-1827.
R. & I. Atkins column and splat, ca 1835-1837.
Sessions Clock Co. "Regulator No.3", ca 1908, or "Regulator No.5", ca 1912.
R. & J. Terry column and splat, ca 1835-1836.
Luman Watson column and splat, ca 1820's.
Howard & Davis banjo, No. 5, ca 1842-1857.
Birge, Mallory and Co. triple decker column and splat.
Putnam Bailey flat cased column and cornice.
E. Terry & Sons column and splat
Rodney Brace column clock.
Jeromes & Darrow column and splat
E. C. Brewster & Co. column and cornice
Davies' Patent Lever Clock, ogee case
Hopkins & Alfred column clock, ca1832.
H. Welton & Co. oggee clock
William S. Johnson ogee clock
Chauncey Jerome column and cornice
German open swinger with half columns,
Chauncey Jerome ogee clock
Chauncey Jerome column and cornice
Atkins & Downs column and splat
Atkins & Downs column and splat
Hopkins & Alfred column and splat
J.A.Wells ogee
Silas B. Terry 30 hour ogee
L.&F. Andrews 30 hour ogee
Ephraim Downs 30 hour ogee
Lawyer Byington 30 hour ogee
Jeromes, Gilbert, Grant, & Co. 30 hour ogee
Sperry & Shaw 30 hour ogee
H. Welton & Co ogee
Union Manufacturing Co. 30 hour ogee
Silas Hoadley 30 hour ogee
J.C.Brown 30 hour, half column and cornice.
Chauncey Jerome 30 hour ogee
New Haven Clock Co. long drop, "Erie", ca 1911.
Seth Thomas "12 Inch Drop Octagon", ca 1909.
Ansonia Clock Co. "12 Inch Drop Octagon", ca 1901.
Seth Thomas "Round Band", ca 1863.
Seth Thomas "Round Band", ca 1863.
Seth Thomas "Kitchen", ca 1875.
Clark, Gilbert & Co. column clock, ca 1841-1845.
Clark, Gilbert & Co. column clock, ca 1841-1845.
Atkins, Porter & Co. 30 hour ogee
Wm. L. Gilbert & Co. column clock
Ansonia Clock Co. figural clock, "Fisher and Hunter", ca 1894.
E. Ingraham "Dewey" kitchen clock, ca 1899.
E. Ingraham "Peace" kitchen clock, ca 1899.
E.N. Welch wood mantle clock,
Silas B. Terry, modified triple decker column and splat clock, ca 1833-1839.
Welch, Spring & Co. Forrestville, Conn .U.S.A., ca 1878. "Italian No. 1" shelf clock.
Welch, Spring & Co. Forrestville, Conn .U.S.A., ca 1878. "Italian No. 2" shelf clock.
Seth Thomas "Tudor No. 3", ca 1875.
Rotary reproduction, identical to the E. N. Welch Briggs Rotary, ca 1878,
Crosby & Vosburgh steeple clock, ca. 1860.
Seth Thomas "Yale", ca 1909
Ansonia Clock Co. walnut mantle clock, "Ohio", ca 1891.
French Portico clock
French clock with exposed movement,
Ansonia Clock Co. figural clock, "Newton", ca 1894.
Waterbury Clock Co. metal cased clock, "Seine", ca 1905.
Waterbury Clock Co. mini advertising clock.
German mini shelf cuckoo, ca around 1900.
Seth Thomas tambour clock, "Oxford", ca 1928.
"Black Art" German mini shelf cuckoo, by " Tribert. Sch.W. Germany".
Ansonia Clock Co. parlor clock, "Carlos", ca 1880.
Ansonia Clock Co. mantle clock, "Triumph", ca 1880.
Ansonia Clock Co., "Triumph", ca 1880,
E. Ingraham Clock Co. shelf clock with calendar, "Urania", ca 1907.
French shelf calendar clock by "A. Brocot & Delettrez, Paris".
The Terry Clock Co. "Rose Column" clock, ca 1873.
Seth Thomas stenciled half column and splat, ca. 1830
E.N. Welch Clock Co. "Admiral Dewey", ca 1900,
Ansonia Clock Co., mantle clock, "Triumph", ca 1880.
E. Ingraham mantle clock.
English Cathedral clock, fusee movement, time only.
French desk calendar clock, ca 1886.
Brewster & Ingrahams round Gothic twin steeple shelf clock, ca 1844-1852.
Lux Clock Co. "Rudolph the Reindeer".
Novelty shelf clock, stamped "Wild Rose" on the 13 inch metal case.
American novelty shelf, twin cupids embracing the clock.
The Western Clock Mfg. Co. novelty figural shelf clock
Jennings Bros. Mfg. Co. novelty shelf clock
New Haven Clock Co. novelty figural sheelf clock.
Canadian novelty clock by Ansonia
Ansonia Clock Co. "No. 1132 Daphine", ca 1904.
Gilbert Clock Co., rare miniature mantle clock, "Medal", ca 1875.
Seiko World Time clock,
French marble ganiture clock set
Maranville Calendar Clock and "Octagon Drop Calendar", ca 1866, by Gilbert Manufacturing Co.
French portico or 4 column empire clock.
German RA wall clock
Seth Thomas 4 bell, "Sonora Chime Clock No.266", ca 1915.
Gustav Becker bracket type shelf clock.
Welch, Spring & Co. "Round Top Drop Regulator", ca 1878.
Seth Thomas mantel clock, one of the "Metals" series.
Waterbury Clock Co., "Calendar No. 44", ca 1891.
Seth Thomas "Rosewood Column", ca 1863.
E. Ingraham & Co. Bristol drop trunk wall clock made for export to England.
E. Ingraham & Co. figure eight calendar clock, ca 1886.
Terry & Andrews beehive gothic, 1845-1850.
E.N.Welch Mfg. Co 30 hour mini OOG, ca 1864.
Atkins Clock Co. shelf clock, ca 1855
Brewster & Ingrahams beehive gothic shelf clock
Terry & Andrews beehive gothic, ca 1845.
Luman Watson column and splat
William L. Gilbert Clock Co. "Column Spring" shelf clock, ca 1879.
Atkins Clock Co. London model shelf clock, ca 1855-1859.
New Haven alarm clock, "The Junior Tattoo Alarm", ca 1906.
New Haven alarm clock, "The Junior Tattoo Alarm", ca 1906.
Waterbury Clock Co. alarm clock, "Wasp", ca 1893.
Car Clock, nickel plated.
Large car clock, silver dial marked "Ever Ready"
German Bird Cage clock,
Ansonia Clock Co. square alarm clock.
Advertising clock for "Hastutler & Hipple", clothes.
Waterbury Clock Co. novelty clock.
C. Boardman beveled ogee
Daniel Pratt & Sons beehive gothic, ca 1848.
J.C. Brown beehive gothic, ca 1848.
Terry & Andrews steeple clock, ca 1847.
Atkins Clock Co. steeple clock, ca 1859.
Jerome & Co.One Day Dolphin, Time Piece steeple clock
E.N.Welch Mfg. Co. "Sharp Gothic" steeple clock, ca 1864.
Jerome Clock Co. Diadem model, ca 1845-1855.
Jerome & Co. steeple clock, "l Day Small Gothic", ca 1845-1855.
Atkins Clock Co. round top shelf clock, ca 1859.
The E. Ingraham Co wood kitchen clock "Keuka", ca 1915.
Ansonia Clock Co. enameled iron case black mantel clock, "Brandon", ca 1904.
Ansonia Clock Co. enameled iron case black mantel clock, "Chester", ca 1904.
Ansonia Clock Co. enameled iron case black mantel clock, "La Duchesse", ca 1880.
E.N. Welch oak kitchen shelf clock, probably one of the "Actor" series, ca 1880.
E. Ingraham & Co. cabinet clock, "Warwick", ca 1886.
New Haven Clock Co. walnut mantle, "Neckar", ca 1880.
Seth Thomas Clock Co. city series, "Newark", ca 1892.
Seth Thomas Clock Co. city series, "Newark", ca 1899. There
E.N. Welch Clock Co. parlor clock, "Paripa, V.P.", ca 1885.
William S. Johnson ogee with C. Boardman movement, ca 1845.
E. Ingraham Clock Co. mantle clock, "Index", ca 1884.
Atkins Clock Co. round top shelf clock, ca 1859-1879.
"Staartklok" of recent vintage
Seth Thomas College Series clock, "New York", ca 1909.
Ansonia Brass Co, round top shelf clock, ca 1854-1869.
U.S.A. & B. Co. shelf clock, ca 1865.
Sessions Clock Co. "Elite No 37-38", ca 1908.
Wm. L. Gilbert Clock Co. kitchen clock, "Steamer No. 46".
Unsigned 2 weight Vienna regulator.
Seth Thomas "Eclipse" or Balltop shelf clock, ca 1900.
E. Ingraham Co. cabinet clock, "Tontine", ca 1886.
Welch, Spring & Co. "Italian No. 2", miniature double dial using the B. B. Lewis calendar. T
Ansonia Clock Co. mantle clock "King", ca 1901.
Chelsea Clock Co. shelf clock made for Tiffany & Co. New York
American Cuckoo Clock Co.
German made cuckoo clock by "Cuckoo Clock Mfg. Co."
English Country Tall Clock, ca. 1720-1750.
Silas Hoadley tall clock movement and dial, with a case built around it.
Ansonia Clock Co. miniature walnut parlor clock.
Hamilton Clock Co. "Wheatland", 8 day with Westminster Chimes.
Monitor Clock Works longcase clock, ca. 1900-1930
German Hall Clock by Kienzle
German? Wall case, 67 inches high, 20 inches wide.
Miniature store regulator, 11 inch oak case.
Electric Carstairs White Seal (Whiskey) advertising clock
E.N. Welch Clock Co. shelf clock, one of "Assortment B, No. 12", series, or "Fish Scale", clock.
Manross wall gallery, original case, wood dial, and hands.
Chauncey Jerome shelf clock, 30 hour, time only "upside-down" movement.
Waterbury Clock Co.
The Terry Clock Co. miniature column and cornice model shelf clock
Seth Thomas mantle clock, "Solo", ca 1913.
Brewster & Ingrahams miniature ogee
Chauncey Jerome shelf clock
Waltham mirror clock.
Contemporary Mystery clock in the French style.
Ansonia Clock Co. "Office Regulator", ca 1901.
United "Ballerina", electric clock.
E.N. Welch Mfg. Co., novelty clock, "The Jewel", ca 1891.
Seth Thomas Novelty Clock, "Lodge", ca 1892.
Seth Thomas swinging frame clock, "Boudoir No. 1", ca 1928.
Rare French shelf clock by "Paul Garnier, Her Du Roi Paris", ca 1827.
Ansonia Clock Co. figure clock, "Attila", ca 1894,
Chauncey Jerome, New Haven papier mache case shelf clock
Terry Clock Co. "Highland" shelf clock
E.N. Welch mantle clock, "Gilmore", ca 1885.
Seth Thomas Clock Co. "Tombstone" or cabinet model shelf clock, ca 1863.
Chauncey Jerome miniature 1 day steeple clock, "Dolphin" model
New Haven paper mache case shelf clock
Seth Thomas Clock Co. shelf clock, "Eclipse" or "Balltop" model.
One Hand Clock Co. shelf clock
E. C. Brewster & Co. miniature roundside case clock
Waterbury Clock Co. shelf clock, "Buffalo", with simple calendar movement.
"Smith's Thirty Hour Brass Clocks", per the label, ogee
Daniel Pratt, Jr. ogee
Seth Thomas ogee clock.
The Terry Clock Co. 8 day, Chapel model shelf clock.