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New Haven Chime Clock, "Salisbury".
French Pendulette,
Gamblers clock.
Novelty - Beer Barrel clock, advertising for "Old Methuslem".
E. Ingraham Co., Alarm clock in the original box, "Roy Rogers & Trigger".
Jumper, Made in Germany.
A very large novelty clock, probably by, Benedict Bros. or Jennings Bros.
Novelty clock, 12 inch metal case.
Ansonia Clock Co., novelty clock, "Aurora", ca 1904.
Ansonia Clock Co. novelty, "Marcela", ca 1914.
Rare French Calendar clock in a miniature iron case, 9 1/2 inches high.
F. Kroeber Clock Co. New York, "Porcelene" enameled iron clock, specifically is called the "Josephine Alarm".
Very rare "Dresden-1897", carriage clock with music.
Parker Clock Co. alarm clock in a nickel case, brass bell on the back, running.
E.N. Welch Mfg. Co. "Good Luck", novelty clock, ca 1880.
Gustav Becker alarm clock, SN 504431, ca 1886.
Waterbury Clock Co. novelty clock in 8 1/2 inch metal case.
Swiss dresser or desk clock.
Seth Thomas novelty or "metal set", ca 1900.
New Haven Clock Co. metal cased mantle clock, "Serpentine", ca 1906.
Seth Thomas alarm clock, "Progress", ca 1910.
Sessions Clock Co., mission clock, "Ramona", ca 1908.
Ansonia Clock Co. mantle clock, "Mironda", ca 1904.
Seth Thomas metal case, "Duchess", ca 1909.
French animated clock.
Seth Thomas "Chime No. 94", ca 1917.
Seth Thomas, early miniature cottage clock, 9 inch octagon top, ca 1875.
Ansonia Clock Co. enameled iron case, "Pompeii", ca 1904.
Jerome & Co. miniature cottage clock only 11 1/2 inches high. It is the "David Crockett" model, ca 1850.
Waterbury Clock Co. metal cased clock on a green onyx base, ca 1906.
E. Ingraham Clock Co. mantle clock, one of their "Flower" line, this one is the "Violet", ca 1896.
Ansonia Clock Co. cabinet clock, "Vista", ca 1901.
Ansonia Clock Co. cabinet clock, "Trieste", ca 1894.
"Gilbert Mfg. Co. Winsted, Conn", ca 1868, per the full label.
French-German, shelf clock.
French carriage clock, 8 day, time only, running.
French carriage clock, unsigned, 8 day time only, and running.
LeCoultre desk clock, with alarm.
LeCoultre novelty clock with calendar,
Herschede Clock Co. banjo clock, "Willard, miniature", ca 1927.
Herschede Clock Co. Tambour
Seth Thomas mantle clock, "Dundee", ca 1917.
Junghans oak beehive case, with a large 8 day brass movement, striking Westminster chimes on quarters, striking on 5 rods, with 8 hammers.
Junghans mantle clock.
Gilbert Clock Co. cabinet clock, "Glasgow", ca 1904.
Contemporary E.N.Welch Clock Co. "Patti, No. 1".
Howard Miller cabinet clock, with a bracket clock look.
E. Howard Regulator, regulator style No.59, contemporary clock made in Western Germany, ca 1945-1948.
Bank alarm clock.
Art Deco alarm clock by the New Haven Clock Co.
Victor "Interval Timer", made by General Electric X-Ray Corporation.
German Anniversary clock, disc pendulum, with a rare wood base.
"Tiffany Never-Wind, Buffalo, NY", ca 1918.
Tiffany Electric Mfg. Co. torsion pendulum "Never-Wind", clock, ca 1918.
German "Flip Calendar", made by Endura Time Corp, West Germany.
Seth Thomas "Sonora Chime, 4 Bell", and also called, "Chime Clock No. 1 Special", ca 1910.
Mastercrafter Clock Co., "Lave Tube", clock.
Mastercrafter Clock Co., "Action Starlight".
United fish tank Clock.
Reproduction German gravity clock, runs by its own weight.
Wm. L. Gilbert Clock Co. mantle clock, one of the clocks in their, "Navy Set", ca 1901. This one is "No. 27".
E. Ingraham Clock Co. kitchen clock, one of their, "River Line", clocks. T
E. Ingraham & Co. enameled wood cased parlor clock, "Bristol", ca 1881.
German oak box clock.
"James Remind-O-Timer Co".
United "Horse & Carriage", clock.
Mastercrafter Westclox, "Big Ben Deluxe". "Fireplace", plastic and metal.
Mastercrafter "Merry-Go-Round".
Seiko quartz contemporary skeleton clock
Lux Spinning Wheel, alarm clock, runs.
2 Waltham car clocks,
Westclox, "Big Ben Deluxe".
Long drop schoolhouse clock, 8 day, strikes a gong, and is running.
Parlor clock, 22 inch walnut case is very nice.
Seth Thomas "Lever" gallery, ca 1875.
E.N.Welch "Cottage", ca 1869.
Ansonia Clock Co., miniature parlor clock.
English miniature shelf clock.
Ansonia Clock Co., metal cased mantle clock, "Blenheim", ca 1910.
French porcelain clock with an unsigned round, 8 day, French movement.
Ansonia Clock Co., top ornament, "No 1028, Queen", ca 1904.
Ansonia Clock Co. metal cased clock base, "Undine".
Seth Thomas & Sons, statue clock, No. 8000, ca 1876.
Ansonia Clock Co., figure clock, "Don Juan", ca 1894.
Ansonia Clock Co. figure clock, "Don Caesar", ca 1894.
French statue on a black onyx base.
New Haven Clock Co. figure clock, "Don Juan", ca 1885.
Seth Thomas & Sons figure clock, "No. 8055", ca 1877, the "Artist and Musician".
Gilbert Clock Co. statue clock, "Treola", ca 1913.
Ansonia Clock Co. figure clock, the "Combatants", ca 1894.
Wm. L. Gilbert Clock Co. Mission Clock, "San Remo", ca 1913.
Sangamo Electric Co. ,Springfield, Illinois. electric banjo clock
French box clock. Dial signed, "Delassalle, St. Etienne".
German Box Clock.
German Mauthe wall regulator, ca 1920's.
Ansonia Clock Co. mantle clock, "Criterion", ca 1904.
French brass and cloisonne table clock.
Black Forest cartel clock
Herschede tambour, Westminster, Model 20.
French Box Clock in a far superior case than the average box clock.
Electric advertising clock for, "Girard Perregaux, Fine Watches Since 1791, Reimer Jewelers".
Welch, Spring & Co. mantle clock, "Patti, No. 1", ca 1884, per the catalogs.
E. Ingraham Clock Co. mantle clock, "Greecian", ca 1869.
Seth Thomas parlor clock, not named in the Seth Thomas catalogs, but commonly called the "Balltop" or "Eclipse" clock.
New Haven Clock Co. gallery clock, ca 1895.
New Haven Clock Co. calendar clock, "Vistula", ca 1886.
Seth Thomas City Series clock, the "Troy", ca 1881.
Seth Thomas hanging clock, "King Bee", ca 1905.
Ansonia Clock Co. parlor clock, "Lowell", ca 1886.
E.N. Welch Clock Co. kitchen clock, "No.21", ca 1900.
E.N. Welch Clock Co. mantle clock, "No. 20", ca 1900.
Seth Thomas "Oxford", ca 1909, one of their College Series.
French Carriage clock in a 5 1/2 inch high brass case, by "Delepine-Barrois, France, 11 Jewels", as signed on the movement.
German Bird Cage alarm clock.
Complete swing arm, very old, not a reproduction.
Junghans swing arm and elephant.
Linden swing arm on an elephant base.
Ban Mfg. Co. electric clock that runs on 3 D batteries.
Hamburg American wall regulator in a free swinger type case, where the pendulum is hanging behind a glass door.
Seth Thomas eight day desk clock, c. 1920
German RA by Schlenker & Kienzel, early 20th century
Elias Burwell Calendar Clock, ca 1862.
Seth Thomas "Sentinel No. 3", tambour style mahogany case, 1
"Blossom Time", table art clock.
Crystal regulator type, multi functional clock.
French shelf clock, ca 1880's; movement is signed, "P. Marti".
German miniature shelf clock,
Schatz 400 day clock, made in Germany.
Westclox, Big Ben Loud Alarm, running.
Jefferson "Golden Hour", electric clock,
Faience Ware, New Haven plate clock, with Floral Ornamentation, ca 1885.
German disc pendulum, platform anniversary clock.
Chelsea Clock Co., "Desk Clock", ca 1923.
Vienna 2 weight, Late Biedermeier style, ca 1840-1850.
Junghans, 2 weight, Vienna Regulator.
English Bracket Clock in a Balloon style case.
French crystal regulator in an unusual case style with accessories we don't usually find in a crystal regulator, thermometer and barometer.
Ithaca Calendar Clock Co. "No. 4 Hanging Office", ca 1880.
English carved wall clock by, "Jas. Sagar, Blackborn", c. early 1800's.
French table clock, barometer, and compass.
Chauncey Jerome, New Haven, Conn. 30 hour, 3 weight, OG, strike and alarm.
Poppo Cuckoo and Blinking Eye Owl clock
Sessions Clock Co. hanging, "Regulator No. 5", ca 1912.
Smith & Goodrich, Bristol Conn. Box clock, ca 1850.
Atkins Clock Co., Bristol, Conn. steeple clock, ca 1863.
Early American Tall Clock, by Nicholas Blaisdell, 1743-1800.
"Birge, Case & Co. Bristol, Conn", ca 1833.
"Birge, Mallory & Co., Bristol, Conn", large column and cornice, ca 1837,
Maine Shelf Clock, ca 1810, attributed to Paul Rogers of Berwich, Maine, and made in the style of the more expensive Massachusetts shelf clocks of that period.
Ansonia Clock Co., crystal regulator, "Crown", ca 1914.
French Oval crystal regulator. 8 day movement is signed, "Made in France", and "L. Marti & Sons".
French crystal regulator with cloisonne trim around the top, base, and pendulum.
Gilbert Clock Co. crystal regulator, "Verdi", ca 1906.
Ansonia Clock Co. crystal regulator, "Elysian", ca 1914.
Ansonia Clock Co. crystal regulator, "Crown", ca 1914.
F. Kroeber Clock Co., New York, "Noiseless Rotary, No. 6", ca 1888.
Seth Thomas crystal regulator, "Empire No. 31", ca 1909.
Richard Duke, Reproduction Pillar and Scroll, c. 1970's
Miniature Pendulette clock, ca 1830.
Rare miniature short drop clock, signed, "H. Norton, London", late 1700's
English 8 bell bracket clock, ca 1900, or could be German (W&H) made for the English market.
French 4 column Empire style mantle clock, ca 1880's.
Simplex Time Recorder Co. 48 inch oak case in original, unrestored condition.
English tall clock, ca 1815, by William Cooper, Hamilton
Waterbury Clock Co., hanging case, "Augusta", ca 1893.
Ansonia Clock Co., crystal regulator with white onyx top, base, and columns, called the "Gonfalon", ca 1906.
Erastus Hodges, Very Rare, Pillar & Scroll, ca 1825.
Ansonia Clock Co. "La Vendee", ca 1904.
Ansonia Clock Co. Royal Bonn case, "La Verdon", ca 1901.
Gilbert Clock Co. porcelain cased clock, "Rhodes", c. 1900.
Ansonia Clock Co. porcelain clock, the "Actor", ca 1904.
Ansonia Clock Co., Royal Bonn case, the "Anchor", ca 1901.
Ansonia Clock Co., Royal Bonn case, "La Nord", ca 1904.
World Time Clock, ca 1880.
Lenzkirch hanging ball clock.
English wall clock by "Bryson, Edinburgh", so signed on the dial.
E. Howard "Regulator No. 44", ca1874, the rarest of all Howard clocks.
Ansonia Clock Co., "Gloria Ball Swing", ca 1901.
Ansonia Clock Co. crystal regulator, "Apex", ca 1905.
Ansonia Clock Co. "Lydia", ca 1894.
German shelf cuckoo, ca 1865-1900.
Electric Neon Tube advertising dial clock, "Kendall The 2000 Mile Oil".
French gilt bronze mantle clock, ca 1860-1880.
Ansonia Clock Co. , Royal Bonn case, "La Bretagne"
Ansonia Clock Co. "La Charny", a Royal Bonn clock, ca early 1900's.
Ansonia Clock Co. "La Nord", Royal Bonn case stamped and signed front and back, ca 1904.
Ansonia Clock Co. "La Vinda", Royal Bonn, ca 1901.
Ansonia Clock Co. Royal Bonn case, "La Manche", ca 1904.
Ansonia Clock Co. Royal Bonn clock, "No. 500", ca early 1900's.
Westclox, Moonbeam, 1935.
General Electric, "Replica", 1940's, Model No.7H229
Numechron Tymeter, TV Model No. 700, 1959.
Hammond, Style No. 166931, 1929.
Westclox, Bachelor, S5, 1935
Telechron, "Selector", Model No.8H55, 1937
Telechron, "Duke", Model No.3F51, 1932-6
Telechron, "Dapne", Model No.3F83, 1933-'36.
General Electric, "Troubadour", Model No.7H118, 1935
General Electric, "Chipper", Luminous Alarm, Model No.7H180, 1950.
Gilbert, Model No. 1250, 1946.