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Lewis and Co. New Haven, Conn. This case was made by the New Haven Clock Co. and is ca 1886 or thereabouts.
French 19th Century red tortoise shell and boulle shelf clock.
Seth Thomas Clock Co., novelty tambour cased clock called "Camden", ca 1936.
Ansonia Clock Co., Royal Bonn "LaNord", ca 1904.
Ansonia Clock Co., Royal Bonn, "LaLorne", ca 1901.
Ansonia Clock Co. crystal regulator, "Symbol", ca 1880.
Outstanding French miniature mantle clock the round 8 day movement is signed "Samuel Marti" and "France".
New Haven Clock Co. banjo clock, "Winetka", ca 1929.
New Haven Clock Co. miniature banjo, "Winetka", ca 1929.
Seth Thomas Ship's Bell Clock, the "Corsair E537-000" on a "Helmsman" base of polished mahogany.
Seth Thomas mantle clock, "Metal No. 6", ca 1904.
E. N. Welch Clock Co. mantle clock, one of the much collected "Commeratives" made by Welch around 1900 and pictured in their trade catalog that year.
Waterbury Clock Co. miniature mantle clock, "Corona", ca 1890.
Chelsea Clock Co. Boston. Dial is also signed, "U.S. Maritime Commission, Serial No. 9388."
Ansonia Clock Co. mantle clock, "Cabinet F", ca 1894.
French bracket clock, dome top, good brass trim all around. 8 daybrass movement is signed, "M on Wurtle, Horlogerie, E. Piefort Succ".
Seth Thomas, Sonora 8 Bell, "Chime Clock No. 266", offered by Seth Thomas from 1909 through 1923.
German cuckoo, very unusual case style and carved objects.
French wall hanger with a clock, thermometer, and barometer.
Ansonia Clock Co. mantle clock, "Cabinet D", ca 1894.
Seth Thomas Ships Bell Clock, "Monitor", ca 1936.
Early animated owl clock. Eyelids blink as the clock ticks.
Fake alarm clock. Large nickel case, 15 inches high, with painted clock dial and hands.
French mantle clock, white onyx with bronze adornments, feet, urnholder, column bases and caps, ornaments above and below the dial.
Westclox Baby Ben alarm clock in a tall miniature grandfather clock case.
Ithaca Calendar Clock Co. calendar clock, "No. 10 Farmers", ca 1874.
French cartel, clock, barometer, and thermometer, all on a really nice 36 inch walnut case.
Pair of Ansonia statues, Don Juan and Don Caesar.
German mini RA with some awesome wood treatments on the front of the case.
English double fusee, ebonized Bracket Clock, by "Bourchier, Long Acre, London", ca 1835.
New Haven Clock Co. calendar clock, "Register", ca 1880.
Gustav Becker, 1/2 size Vienna regulator, serial number No. 238674 which dates the clock about 1878.
German miniature RA, 15 inch walnut case designed like the big ones, finials top and bottom, black trim around the edges and finials, 3 glasses, 2 piece porcelain dial, porcelain beat scale, porcelain RA pendulum.
Seth Thomas Clock Co. "Parlor Calendar No. 1", ca 1884.
French Figural Clock featuring two nicely detailed spelter statues of German Shepherd dogs, one reclining and one standing.
Seth Thomas Clock Co. "Regulator No. 2", ca 1930's.
Welch, Spring and Co. "Gerster", ca 1879, one of the first of the Welch, Spring clocks that used the "Patti" movement.
French statue on marble base. Cast bronze ornaments on the base, including the 4 elaborate feet and the large dial surround.
Edward M. Barnes, Bristol, Conn. The full backboard label further says, "Improved Clocks With Brass Bushings".
Aaron Willard, Boston. Mass. Shelf clock, ca 1825.
New Hampshire Mirror Clock, ca 1820, "Warrented by J. Chadwick", is signed on the original painted dial.
Seth Thomas "Regulator No. 2", ca 1913 to 1922.
Seth Thomas mantle clock, "Lincoln. V.P.", ca 1886, this particular clock was made in 1892 according to the factory stamp on the back of the clock.
Ansonia Clock Co. "Niobe", ca 1904.
E. Howard and Co. Boston, "Marble Dial Clock, Model 21" ca 1874.
Rare Beach-Hubbel 8 day Gallery Clock. They were makers of brass movements in Bristol, Conn. 1859-1863.
Barr Mfg. Corp. electric clock that runs with 3-D batteries.
F. Kroeber Clock Co. mantle clock, "Cabinet No. 15", ca 1888.
Seth Thomas City Series clock, "Omaha", ca 1886.
E. N. Welch Mfg. Co. mantle clock, "Empress, V. P.", ca 1880.
Rare Lenzkirsch Flip Card Clock.
J. Kaiser Universe Clock, ca 1954.
The Darche Electric Alarm Clock, taken from the full label, inside, behind the mirror. Patented July 5, 1892, this model is rare and seldom seen for sale.
E. N. Welch Clock Co. "Patti No. 1". A contemporary clock made with the identical finials and turned columns on 4 corners as the very collectable original clocks.
Ansonia Clock Co., Royal Bonn, "LaNord", ca 1904.
Ansonia Clock Co., porcelain cased, "Wichita", ca 1901.
Ansonia Clock Co., Royal Bonn, "LaRoca", ca 1901.
Ansonia Clock Co., Royal Bonn, "LaTosca", ca 1904.
Ansonia Clock Co., Royal Bonn, "LaVergne", ca 1914.
Ansonia Clock Co., Royal Bonn, "LaNormandie", ca 1904.
Ansonia Clock Co., Royal Bonn, "LaManche", ca 1904.
Wm. L Gilbert Clock Co. "Royal Hanover, No. 416", ca 1898.
Ansonia Clock Co., Royal Bonn, "LaVendee", ca 1904.
New Haven Clock Co., miniature porcelain grandfather clock.
Elaborate and Rare French miniature tall clock, made of porcelain, richly painted and fire glazed.
Chelsea Clock Co. clock, barometer, thermometer, and hygrometer, called "The Carver", ca 1975.
Ithaca Calendar Clock Co.'s "No. 3-1/2 Parlor, Early Model", ca 1881.
Outstanding English triple chain fusee bracket clock.
Ansonia Clock Co., Cobalt Blue, porcelain clock, ca 1900.
German disc pendulum anniversary clock in original as found condition, Ca 1926.
German flower clock, ca 1930.
Seth Thomas "Regulator No. 18".
Shelf Cuckoo only 13.25" high, in a rather plain case.
Swiss Music Box plays four tunes and has the original tune card on the lid.
Giant 87 inch, Cuckoo Clock, by the German company, Schneider Cuckoo Clocks, founded in 1848, and continuing in business today by the Schneider family.
Seth Thomas and Sons, cast brass case with statue of "Warrior and Dog", ca 1853-1875.
Seth Thomas and Sons, statue clock, "Inspiration", ca between 1853-1875 when all their metal clocks were made.
Waterbury Clock Co., figure clock, "Crusader", ca 1906.
French statue clock, Fisherman Throwing a Net. Large by all standards at 29.5" high and 19" wide.
International Time Recording Company, a division of International Business Machines, time clock made in the early 1900's.
New Haven Clock Co., "Admiral", ca 1900.
French Hall Clock with pinwheel regulator movement, Ca 1890.
Automatic musical instruments date back to antiquity. Only the royalty enjoyed them or could afford them until the 1800's.
Year Running Vienna Tall Clock.
German heavily carved oak case tall clock.
Waltham/Durfee Hall Clock or Waltham Clock Co., Waltham, Mass. Hall Clock, ca 1905-1922.
Seth Thomas Clock Co., Hall Clock No. 28 or No. 33.
English triple chain fusee, 8 bell, hanging clock Large solid mahogany case is 35" high, 20" wide, 8.5" deep.
Silas B. Terry early wall regulator, ca 1850's.
The E. Ingraham Company, Bristol, Conn, ca 1886, Ionic Calendar.
Seth Thomas "Office No. 6", ca 1909.
Contemporary Store Regulator-Shop Clock.
George B. Owen shelf clock, Ca 1875. He was the General Manager of the Gilbert Clock Co. and had his own clock business in his garage.
Seth Thomas Sonora Chime Clock No. 257, ca 1915.
Wm. Gilbert Clock Co. mantle clock, "Pattern No. 13 Jewel Sets", ca 1910.
Wm. L. Gilbert Clock Co. tambour clock, ca 1925.
Cuckoo, birds and leaves. Top has taken a few tumbles, glue used liberally, looks fine from the front.
American novelty dresser clock, unsigned.
Gustav Becker hanging clock, ca 1926.
Mystery clock, a contemporary reproduction of an early French Swinging Arm Clock.
Mystery clock, on a female statue, identical to No. 521 with a couple of exceptions.
Gustav Becker hanging RA clock, 26" dark oak case, excellent and different from most clocks of this style.
A pair of miniature German alarm clocks.
Gilbert Clock Co. in a modern wood case, 13 inches wide, 7 inches high.
Seiko World Clock. A modern quartz clock that tells you the time in the world's major cities.
Phinney Walker Music Alarm.
Western Clock Co. "Westclox-Ironclad". 5 inch high metal case, clean dial, dial ring, and sash.
Warren Telechron Co., Ashland, Mass. Electric gallery clock, running.
Sessions Clock Co. novelty with an easel stand.
Simplex, double face wall mounted clock.
Schatz small 400 day clock, bright and clean.
Seth Thomas, 4 jewel desk clock, in beehive case, 5-1/2 inches high.
400 day clock made by S. Haller, Germany.
Forrestville Clock Co., Germany, 400 day clock.
Swiss travel alarm clock in a leather case.
Jennings Brothers novelty. Metal case is 5-1/2 inches high with handle up, signed on the base "JB".
Sessions Clock Co. novelty clock, "Dover", ca 1908.
Herschede "Model 20" Westminster Chime tambour cased clock.
Kieninger and Obergfell, Germany, 400 day clock.
Sessions Clock Co., "Grand No. 2-1915".
New Haven Clock Co. kitchen clock, ca 1907.
Seth Thomas novelty desk clock, "Bisley", ca 1915.
Wm. L. Gilbert Clock Co. tambour clock, "No. 1038", ca 1925.
Schatz-Germany Cuckoo, 2 weight, 8 day, running.
American novelty clock, no name anywhere.
New Haven novelty, 5-1/2 inch gold gilt case, largely worn off, but is still a very prestty bronze color all over.
Jerome and Co. New Haven, Conn. USA, per the full backboard label.
New Haven Clock Co. metal novelty "Nashoba", ca 1913.
Seth Thomas 8 day, T and S movement, "No. 5" 7/8 1/2", and Seth Thomas signed on the movement.
"Smith's Thirty Hour Brass Clocks", on the full backboard label.
Wm. L. Gilbert and Co. Winchester, Conn. 1 day miniature cottage, called the "Rose Gilt Cottage", ca 1885.
Seth Thomas shelf clock, "Tudor No. 3", ca 1863.
Waterbury Clock Co. novelty called the "Amon", ca 1912. Smallbrass case is 5 inches high, 2 inch celluloid dial with seconds dial.
Sessions Clock Co. miniature tambour.
Miniature grandfather clock made by the Burroughs Company.
Sessions Clock Co., "Cottage No. 3-1921".
Unsigned novelty. Typical metal case had gold wash originally, now about half worn off, but still attractive.
German mini-mini clock. Great little oak case, 8" by 4.5", dentiltype molding around the top, ripple type around the base, beveled moldingjust below the ripple, 4 round wood feet.
New Haven Clock Co. novelty, ca 1904.
Waterbury Clock Co., porcelain case, "Boudoir No. 203", ca 1899.
Conant and Sperry, 112 Fulton St., N.Y., copied from the inside label.
Neon Advertising Clock. Case is 17.5" square with a 1.5" mirror around the outer edge.
Ansonia Clock Co. "Novelty No. 579", ca 1914.
New Haven Clock Co. mantle, "No. 515", ca 1886.
Self Winding Clock Co. New York square case wall clock. Dial inscribed, "Naval Observatory Time Western Union".
New Haven Clock Co. novelty, "Bellona", ca 1906. 10 inch gold gilt case, now with hardly any gilt, down to the undercoat.
Seth Thomas mantle clock, "Sharp Gothic", ca 1902.
Inkstand with candle holders and watch holder, ca 1900.
Seth Thomas miniature 9 inch, "Octagon Top", 30 hour movement, E Type, with alarm.
French alarm clock in a tin can style case, both front and back covers snap out of the can body.
Smiths "Astral", ships clock in a brass case.
Gustav Becker alarm clock.
Horolovar-Ignatz "Flying Pendulum" clock.
New Haven Clock Co. novelty clock. Called "Valetta" in the New Haven book and originally was available with two vases.
Seth Thomas hanging clock, the "Chef", ca 1924.
Seth Thomas Clock Co. "Office No. 1", ca 1922. 8 day time only, 12 inch zinc painted dial has one big "Oops" above the 6.
Warren Telechron Co. "General Electric Refrigerator" clock.
Sessions Clock Co. hanging clock, "Regulator No. 2", ca 1910.
Herschede Hall Clock Co. in a case commonly called tambour.
Wm. L. Gilbert Clock Co. oak kitchen clock, one of the "Author Sets, Pattern No. 160", ca 1913.
Waterbury Clock Co. mantle clock, "Denmark", ca 1906.
Ansonia Clock Co., walnut kitchen clock, "Beaver", ca 1894.
Ansonia Clock Co. iron cased clock, "Rosalind", ca 1904.
Seth Thomas "12 Inch Drop Octagon", ca 1909, or 1903 stamped on the case.
Ansonia Clock Co., porcelain case, "Bobwhite", ca 1895.
Ansonia Clock Co. carriage clock, "Star", ca 1904.
Hamburg American Clock Co. is the trademark on the 8 day movement.
Russell and Jones Clock Co., Pittsfield, Mass., mantle clock, "Cincinnati", ca 1890.
The E. Ingraham Company, Clock Manufacturers, Bristol, Conn. Hanging, Drop Octagon, ca 1891.
Ansonia Clock Co. novelty clock, "Eveline", ca 1904.
Linden Elephant Swing arm clock, made in Japan.
German ships bell clock, miniature size.
Seth Thomas City Series clock, "New Orleans, V.P.", ca 1879.
Ansonia Clock Co. hanging gallery clock, called, "Cable", ca 1904.
A Swiss concoction, they call, "Buco 1320", which they tout as a simple mechanical wood clock that should remind us that the first clocks were simple mechanical clocks.
Ansonia Clock Co. miniature Royal Bonn clock named "Glory".
Seth Thomas crystal regulator, "Empire No. 301", ca 1913.
United States Clock Co. mantle clock, called a "teardrop" by makers of similar styled clocks.
R. Kimberly, Ansonia, Conn. miniature cottage clock.
Seth Thomas, "Rosewood, Shell Column", ca 1875.
Seth Thomas Clock Co. "Adele", ca 1904.
William S. Johnson, 20 Courtlandt St. New York, 30 hour OG, in good running order and strikes a coil gong each hour.
Novelty clock, "Columbus, Anno 1492", ca 1930.
U. S. Clock and Brass Co. Chicago, per the full black and gold label inside the case. Company made clocks from1866 until 1868 when the factory burned.
Seth Thomas Clock Co. City Series clock called the, "Omaha", ca 1886.
Seth Thomas marble cased clock.
Ansonia Clock Co., porcelain clock in the blue and white Dutch scenes.
French Boulle shelf clock that no doubt was a piece of art when first made.
Large metal Ansonia Clock Co. figure, ca 1894, known as "Denis Papin" and generally seen on their figure clock by the same name.
E. N. Welch mantle clock, ca about 1885.
Vienese or Austrian picture frame clock.
New Haven Clock Co. mantle clock, "O.G.", ca 1881.
Miniature shelf clock, 9" high. What a neat little clock which I will attempt to describe for you.
Seth Thomas mantle clock, may be one of the "Exposition Series", but not pictured with those in the catalogs.
Waterbury Clock Co. solid walnut mantle clock, "Murray", ca 1891.
Luman Watson, Cincinnati, Ohio, ca 1820's.
Manufactured by The E. Ingraham and Company for Wm. G. Will---, 410 South 7th Street, St. Louis, Mo. taken from a 75 percent label on the back.
French box clock with 8 day movement striking Westminster chimes on 8 long rods.
Novelty clock, I will call it the Madam Butterfly clock.
Daniel Pratt, Jr. Reading, Mass. 30 hour wood movement, half column and splat clock.