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Ansonia Clock Co. "Crystal Palace No. 1 Extra", ca 1880.
French mantle timepiece, movement signed "E. Howard and Co. Boston, 2860".
Ansonia Clock Co., Royal Bonn, "LaLayon", ca 1904.
Ansonia Clock Co. hanging clock, "Bagdad", ca 1904. Oak case, 50-1/2 inches high, glass sides.
French ebonized boulle shelf clock, ca last half of 17th century.
Very large French porcelain clock with attached cast bronze ornaments from the feet to the top. Hand painted scenes signed by "Petit".
New Haven Clock Co. hanging clock, "Columbia", ca 1911.
Gustav Becker 3 weight Vienna Regulator.
Rare carved Vienna Regulator in the Serpentine style.
Waterbury Clock Co. "Regulator No. 20", ca 1906.
An outstanding French crystal regulator by "Marti", ca 1900.
Ansonia Clock Co. porcelain, "LaRamba", ca 1904.
Seth Thomas "Regulator No. 2", early model, ca 1878.
30 day running Vienna, movement signed "Remember No. 85198". This 49" contemporary case made of Tiger Maple was constructed especially for this 30 day movement.
Seth Thomas gallery clock Large double spring movement No. 24, signed by Seth Thomas, Thomaston, Conn.
Resch-Gebrueder Uhrenfabrik, Ebensee, Austria, or in English, Resch Brothers Clock factory, selling under the trade name, "Remember", this clock ca 1862-1901.
Welch, Spring and Co., mantle calendar, "Wagner, B.W. Mantle", ca 1878.
E. Howard Clock Co. Regulator No. 89, ca 1889.
Advertising clock, ca 1865. The label inside the door reads, "This Regulator Clock is Presented by The Geo. W. M. Reed Bitter Co. of New Haven, Conn. thru their Wholesale Agents, as a gift to our patrons, and is intended to attract attention to the merits of, "REED'S GILT EDGE TONIC".
Ansonia Clock Co., Royal Bonn, "LaClair", ca 1901.
E. Howard "No. 59 Regulator".
German tall clock in an Arts and Crafts type oak case. Made by the world champion jig saw king who had a lot of patience.
Seth Thomas Clock Co. "Regulator No. 2" early model, ca between 1878-1880.
Ansonia Clock Co. Crystal Regulator, "Floral", ca 1914.
Grand Sonnerie Vienna Regulator, sometime referred to as a "blindmans clock", ca 1860-1875.
Wm. L. Gilbert and Co. Winsted, Conn., "Regulator No. 1" Ca 1851-1866.
The Standard Electric Time Co. of California, Spokane, Wash., Master Clock, ca 1915-1930.
Welch, Spring and Co. "Patti. V.P.", ca 1885.
English White Dial Clock.
The Standard Electric Time Co., Springfield, Mass., Master Clock, ca 1930.
Waterbury Clock Co., "Cairo" ca 1914.
Southern Calendar Clock Co., "Fashion No. 4", ca around 1880.
Very Rare Seth Thomas hanging Sonora Chime clock.
Ithaca Calendar Clock Co. "No. 6 Hanging Library", ca 1880.
Self Winding Clock Co. regulator, "No. 18", ca 1898.
Terry Clock Co., Waterbury, Conn. cast iron short drop wall clock with upper bezel surround in sunburst (octagon top) style.
Seth Thomas, Westminster Chime Hall Clock, "Grand Daughter", ca 1934.
Wm. L. Gilbert Clock Co. hanging, "Itasca", ca 1881.
Ansonia Clock Co. Crystal Regulator, "Gonfalon", ca 1906.
New Haven Clock Co. rare advertising clock, ca 1910.
Welch, Spring and Co. hanging clock, rare and unusual style case with a thirty day, double wind, time only movement.
E. Howard and Co. Boston, Regulator No. 8. Old Howard movement, in a contemporary walnut case made by Wayne Cline, Bowling Green, Ky.
Wm. L. Gilbert Clock Co. "Office Drop Calendar", ca 1881.
Lenzkirsch Swinging Doll shelf clock.
E. Howard and Co. Boston, "No. 70 Regulator", ca 1900. This model is 32" high, and has a 12" dial, which means it is the smallest of the five No. 70 models they made.
Ansonia Clock Co. "Crystal Regulator No. 6", ca 1906.
Gustav Becker 2 weight Vienna regulator with engraved weights, pendulum and dial center.
A. Willard, Jr. Boston, ca 1830.
Southern Calendar Clock Co. "Fashion No. 5", ca 1882 or thereabout.
Ansonia Clock Co., very large wall clock, the "General", ca 1914.
New Haven Clock Co., hanging clock, with one of the famous Sauer's advertising glasses.
Elmer Stennes Girandole Banjo.
English Dial Clock, ca 1850's.
Charles Jacques Chiming Clock, ca 1922.
Waterbury Clock Co., "Regulator No. 54", ca 1915.
Seth Thomas "Regulator No. 9", ca 1884. This was a very poplar case style for the Seth Thomas Company.
Atkins Clock Co., Bristol, Conn, per large full label insidethis outstanding gallery clock.
Gustav Becker miniature Keyhole Vienna, 1 weight, Ca 1888.
American cherry case tall clock, broken arch top, round ball feet.
Ithaca Calendar Clock Co. "Large Iron Case", ca 1866, using the Hubbell 30 day pendulum movement.
L. F. and W. W. Carter, Bristol, Conn. "Round Drop Wall Clock", ca 1863-1868.
Waterbury Clock Co., hanging "Regulator No. 81", ca 1915.
Ansonia Clock Co. Crystal Regulator, "Apex", ca 1905.
E. Howard "No. 11 Regulator", ca 1874.
Ansonia Clock Co., "Columbia", ca 1904. No doubt this was Ansonia's top of the line for clocks of this type.
E. Howard "No. 58 Regulator", ca 1900.
Seth Thomas, prestandard Group 2 pillar and scroll, ca 1816.
Ansonia Clock Co., floor clock, "Antique Standing", ca 1901.
Ansonia Clock Co., "Antique Hanging", ca 1904.
Luman Watson-Elijah Warner, Wood Movement Tall Clock, ca 1820. Mahogany case is 92" high and made by Elijah Warner, a Lexington, Kentucky clockmaker 1810-1829.
Timby Solar Clock, ca 1864. 100 percent original clock, including the signed globe, lower door, movement and the gold leafed finials.
Welch, Spring and Co. "Gale Drop Calendar Model No. 2", ca 1874-1879.
Eli Terry, Plymouth, Conn. Rare Inside-Outside Escapement, Pillar and Scroll, ca 1817.
"Curtis and Clark, Plymouth, Conn." extremely rare miniature shelf clock, ca 1824.
Extremely Rare Joseph Ives, "Hour Glass" shelf clock, developed by Ives around 1840, from his shop in Plainville, Farmington, Conn.
Joseph Ives Wagon Spring Pillar and Scroll Clock, ca 1817.
Aaron Dodd Crane of West Caldwell, New Jersey, invented the torsion pendulum clock in 1841.
Rare J. C. Brown Large Acorn Shelf Clock with sidearms, ca 1840's.
Ithaca Calendar Clock Co. "Box Skeleton", ca 1898.
C. 1950, German, Black Forest Cuckoo Clock, in good original condition.
Mixed lot, but serviceable. C.1890, good Round French movement complete, now in a C.1920 well made butternut case.
C.1890, French, Black slate and onyx mantel clock in generally good original condition.
C.1848, Chauncey Jerome, New Haven, 30 hour cottage clock with wooden dial and light blue stenciled tablet, with Jerome logo at bottom.
C.1850, Henry Sperry, 18 Maiden, Lane, NY, 30-Hour Cottage clock, with refinished case.
C.1875, Jerome and Co, New Haven, 30 hour cottage alarm in good original condition.
C.1977, French, Mickey Mouse Clock, under license, as new (animated).
C.1930, William L. Gilbert Clock Co., "Hollywood", 8-day time/strike wall clock, with restoration.
C.1965, Angelus, Swiss, 8-day time-barometer-hygrometer-thermometer, Globe desk time-piece in generally good condition.
C.1969, Horolovar Co., New York, Terwilliger's reproduction of the famous "Ignatz" flying pendulum timepiece.
C.1975, German, Horolovar (Clocktrade Enterprises, Bronxville) reproduction of the famous Briggs rotary timepiece.
C.1890, C.S. Wilder, Peterboro, NH figural desk thermometer.
C.1890, C.S. Wilder, Peterboro, NH bronze desk thermometer.
C.1865, Unknown, glass whisky flask, meant for military use, whether it was approved by the Dept of Defense, we will never know.
C.1920, German, G. Berger, 30-hour time/strike cuckoo clock.
C.1910, French, Vincenti for H and H, New York, 8-day time/strike oak mantel clock.
C.1935, German, Junghans, battery electric timepiece.
C.1920, German, Hamburg American Clock Co., 8-day time/strike bracket clock and bracket.
C.1890, European, Glass Dial Novelty clock, as-found.
C.1915, German, Walnut Cased Shelf alarm clock with brass slide shut off on front of the case.
C.1930, German, "Schatz", 30 Hour Porcelain dial pendulette in very good original condition.
C.1965, Swiss, Swiza Sheffield, 8-day timepiece with alarm.
C.1930, English, Aneroid Barometer, wall model, in a carved oak case with rope twist edge, and in good original condition.
C.1890, French, Picture Frame Clock, in generally good original condition.
C.1890, English, Fusee Dial Clock, in good original condition,
C.1884, Seth Thomas, "Richmond" rosewood mantle clock from the city series, restored.
C.1914, Ansonia Clock Co., "Versailles", 8-day time/strike mantel clock.
C.1900, William L. Gilbert Clock Co., Porcelain, "No. 424" 8-day time/strike china mantel clock.
C.1900, New Haven Clock Co., 8-day time/strike mantel clock.
C.1900, English, gravity clock, 30-hour.
C.1914, German, Gustav Becker, Westminster chime bracket clock, mahogany with silvered dial and in very good original condition.
C.1860, American Clock Co, NY, small 30 hour iron front, as-found.
C.1885, E. N. Welch, "Jewel", model, amber glass paperweight clock, 1-day time and strike (nicely made movement will usually run 2 days).
C.1892, E. N. Welch, "Little Grip", suitcase novelty, with damaged handle (ring on left side broken), and rear winder missing.
C.1920, French, Lenox Watch Co, ladies dressing table clock with visible "heartbeat" escapement, and with original presentation/travel box
C.1900, Swiss, Umbrella Novelty Clock, in cobalt blue guilloche enamel over silver, with 24k gold numerals.
Mixed lot: C.1900, Ansonia novelty statue, now with a new Chinese swinging arm (miniature).
C.1890, French, 9-Rod Grid Pendulum for regular French or Swiss pinwheel movement
C.1905, Mixed Lot, Small French statue titled DIVERSE, with a relatively early German, Junghans swinging arm with discolored dial.
C.1838, David Dutton, Mont Vernon, NH, 30-hour time/strike/alarm wood movement column and splat shelf clock.
C.1870, Waterbury Clock Co., BEEHIVE, 8-Day, time and strike, in original, as-found condition,
C.1850, Chauncey Jerome, New Haven, CT, 8-day steeple clock. This clock has an excellent original painted dial, great hands and acid etched tablet.
C.1900, Ansonia, SIREN, as-found with most of her finish worn off, in good as-found condition.
C.1970, Japan, Fuji Brand, 8-Day Swinging arm in very good original condition.
C.1960, Japan, Meiko Clock Co., Paloma swinging arm clock in good original condition.
C.1875, E. N. Welch Mfg. Co., Forestville, CT, 8-day striking "Drop Octagon Round Corner" wall clock.
C.1900, Mixed lot: An Ansonia Fleur de Lys base (sometimes called blossom base),
C.1904, Ansonia UNDINE and CIRCE mantel figural clock in as-found condition.
C.1904, Ansonia No. 1088 "SUMMER and WINTER" Figure set in good original condition.
C.1880 (Pat 1878), Mitchell Vance and Co, "lamp clock", with Seth Thomas movement.
C.1841, (dated label) Mellish and Murdock, Woodstock, VT, 30 hour wood works "OG" in generally good condition.
C.1965, Chelsea Clock Co., Boston, Marine lever timepiece, with 24 hour dial and center seconds hand, in a black Bakelite case.
C.1945, Chelsea Clock Co., Boston, Marine lever timepiece, with 12 and 24 hour dial and center seconds hand, in a black Bakelite case.
C.1980, Boston Clock Co., CENTENNIAL COMMEMORATIVE, serial No. B056.
C.1932, Chelsea Clock Co., "Sampson" model , Electric (110v.) yacht wheel ship's bell clock.
C.1880, Swiss Baker's Clock in generally good condition, with repapered dial; pendulum parts loose in case.
C.1882, Yale Clock Co, GEM small desk timepiece with pendulette movement, with exposed pendulum.
C.1900, German, Wurttemburg, Musical Alarm in very good original condition.
C.1843, E. C. Brewster and Co., Bristol, Conn 30-hour spring driven time/strike OG shelf clock.
C.1850, Chauncey Jerome, New Haven, Conn., 30-hour time/strike Steeple clock.
C.1872, Ansonia Brass and Copper Co., Ansonia, Conn, 30-hour time/strike, 2-wt, OG shelf clock.
C.1855, Brewster and Co., Bristol, Conn., 8-day, 2-weight OG shelf clock.
C.1831, Atkins and Downs for Mitchell and Atkins, Bristol, Conn., 30-hour time/strike stenciled column and splat shelf clock.
C.1900, German, Winterhalder and Hoffmeier, for the English market, 8-day round dial clock.
C.1850, Anglo-American Fusee shelf clock in generally good original condition.
C.1870, Seth Thomas, "Tudor No. 3" mini 8-day cottage clock, nicely restored.
C.1904, Ansonia, PLATO CLOCK, first patented in 1902.
C.1900, French, 8-day time/strike crystal regulator, with open escapement on the sunken porcelain dial.
C.1890, French Figural Clock, Le Repos, or "The Repose", showing a farmer in overalls resting with his bare foot an a scythe after a hard day in the field.
C.1860, E. N. Welch, Mini Steeple, 30 Hour time and alarm, with restorations.
C.1904, Ansonia, Set of Garniture Statues, the CUPIDS ,(No.1155) in very good original condition.
C.1904, Ansonia PEASANT GIRLS, a garniture set in good, as-found condition, old gold paint applied maybe 50 years ago and flaking.
C.1900, French Figural clock, as-found.
C.1900, Ansonia Criterion, spelter and onyx mantel clock, as-found with top 2" of leafy trim broken away.
C.1937, Lux Clock Mfg. Co., Waterbury, Conn., "Cat", 30-hour novelty timepiece.
C.1894, Ansonia Clock Co., "Toronto", walnut mantel clock, 8-day time and strike.
C.1938, Lux Clock Mfg. Co., Waterbury, an original "DeLuxe" stand, offered to convert their small wall novelties for mantel or desk use.
C.1900, Ansonia MIRANDA and No 426 Queen, in as-found condition.
C.1925, Gilbert, Miniature Pillar and Scroll, 8-day, time and strike and in excellent original condition.
C.1865, French, Morbier, 3-Weight, Prayer repeat with alarm (weight driven alarm), and in very good original condition, with folding pendulum.
C.1830, French, Morbier 2-Weight, Prayer Repeat wall clock in excellent original condition, with grid pendulum,
C.1820, Vienna Austria, 2-day, grand sonnerie mantel clock.
C.1820, Joseph Klenner, Oedenburg, Austria, (Signed on dial and fired into porcelain) 2-day,
C.1980, Chinese, 2-fusee, crown-verge bracket clock, 8-day time and strike The rosewood case is in good condition,
C.1870, Jerome and Co., (New Haven), Cottage Clock with thermo-plastic and gilt insets.
C.1880, Ansonia, "Crystal Palace No. 1 Extra", less dome.
C.1900, French, Cobalt Blue porcelain clock in good condition.
C.1900, Swiss, Ladies Desk Clock, polished crystal polygon with ormolu feet in the shape of winged lions, with a key wind bar type 30 hour watch movement.
C.1870, Ansonia Brass and Copper Co., 8-day rosewood veneer steeple clock in good original condition.
C.1905, Wm. L. Gilbert, "ROSA", mission mantel clock in excellent original condition.
C.1895, French Walnut Wall clock in an unusual design,
C.1885, Seth Thomas, "Banner Lever", 8 inch dial and in generally good condition.
C.1947, Chelsea Clock Co.,, Pillar and Scroll, in generally good condition.
C.1975, Repro of S. Thomas Gallery case with WWII vintage Chelsea stem wind movement.
C.1860, U. S. Clock Co, 18 Courtlandt St, New York, 8-day iron front shelf clock in very good condition,
C.1975, Repro LYRE Clock, in good condition. Although not of Campos quality, this is still a pretty good mahogany lyre.
C.1910, English, Fusee Dial Clock in very good condition.
C.1860, French, Delmas-Hermet, St. Germain, L'Embrun, 2-weight morbier with "Ding Dong" strike on 2 large iron bells.
C.1900, French, Walnut Clock / Barometer, with Centigrade mercury thermometer in the throat section.
C.1885, Ansonia, MARBELITE No. 5, painted black, and with a couple of cracks on the porcelain dial, but otherwise complete and sound.
C.1885, Ansonia, MARBELITE No. 5, less paint in natural brown rubber case (same model as previous lot).
C.1885, Ansonia, MARBELITE No. 8, in very nice restored condition, with original hard rubber dial and open escapement.
C.1885, Ansonia, MARBELITE No. 8, in restored condition, with original hard rubber dial and open escapement, now MISSING RUBBER DIAL CENTER.
C.1885, Ansonia, MARBELITE No. 4, in very nice restored condition, with original porcelain dial and open escapement.
C.1904, Ansonia OLYMPIA and BACCHANTE, in original, as-found condition.
C.1880, German, Gustav Becker, Novelty figural alarm clock in good original condition, serial No. 265,764.
C.1904, Ansonia, Pair of Garniture Statues No. 1067-Venetians.
C.1900, Ansonia Clock Co., "Dolores" in generally good original condition.
Mixed Lot, C.1900, French Cast Brass case in the Louis XVI style, now with an Ansonia open escape movement,
C.1900, Ansonia, OLYMPIA and No. 1173, in as-found condition.
C.1894, Ansonia POMPEII and No 1008 Harpist, in good condition.
C.1900, French, Green Onyx and gilded Spelter mantel clock.
C.1900, Ansonia, Statue set, ART and COMMERCE, No. 1006, in good, as-found condition,
C,1900, French, Garniture Vases in excellent restored condition.
C.1904, Ansonia SYBIL and INNOCENCE, in excellent restored condition.
C.1900, Ansonia VIOLINIST, in generally good original condition.
C.1892, Ansonia, Black Marble mantel clock with No. 1118 Thoroughbred clock topper, the whole in good original condition.
C.1910, Ansonia CRYSTAL, 4-glass mantel regulator in excellent original condition.
C.1900, Ansonia EROS, in very good, as-found condition.
C.1885, Ansonia ROSE, in good condition, with restorations.
C.1905, Ansonia CROWN, 4-glass crystal regulator in very good original condition.