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What's It Worth? the Different Types of Antique Clock Values

Want to insure a clock against damage or loss? Is it worth the cost of insurance or having it appraised for that purpose?

You should insure your clock for its replacement cost –what it would cost you to replace the lost clock with a similar one in a reasonable amount of time. Different insurance companies have different requirements for insuring antiques and other special categories. You should call your insurance agent to find out what your company’s specific requirements are. If you recently purchased the clock from a retail store, the invoice might be acceptable as proof of value to your insurance company. However, it is more likely that you will need a written appraisal from a qualified, professional appraiser. You can search the online directory of the International Society of Appraisers to find a qualified appraiser in your area, or call toll-free 1-888-472-5587.

Auction Prices can help you find out what others have paid for similar clocks at different types of auctions. They provide a guideline as to what you might have to pay for a similar clock on the open market, in an auction setting. Try to find a number of similar clocks that have sold at different auctions so you can compare the largest number of sales records you can find.

Many factors can influence what a clock will bring at auction, including the stature of the auction house, the weather that day, the number bidders, and so forth. The same is true of online auction results. Whether a clock has a reserve price, quality of description and photographs (if any), which category it is offered in – these factors and others can affect Internet-only auctions as well. Don’t rely on just one or two auction records – try to find three or more that will help to establish a low and high range for the type of clock you are comparing to yours.

To research only auction prices for clocks, choose "auction prices" under "Type of Price" on the search form. Or you can let the default setting on the search form find both auction prices and retail prices.

Hot Tip: Most auction houses will give you a free evaluation of what they think someone will pay for your clock at their auction. Send them detailed photographs and a good description, and be prepared to wait two or three weeks to receive their written opinion. This is not an official appraisal – simply their opinion of what they think they can sell it for. Also, it is usually difficult to accurately judge a clock’s identity, authenticity or condition from a photograph only. If they see the clock in person, their opinion may change.

Perhaps you are unsure whether a clock is worth insuring, or worth the cost of getting it appraised. You can get an idea of how much it might cost you to replace a clock by looking for comparable clocks currently being offered for sale, or that have recently sold.

• Retail Prices can help you find out how much dealers are asking for similar clocks. This is one way to get an idea of a clock’s replacement cost for insurance purposes. Don’t forget to add in shipping, taxes, transportation and insurance costs if any – as these extra charges can add to the final cost of replacing a clock.

To research only retail prices for clocks, choose "retail prices" under "Type of Price" on the search form. Or you can let the default setting on the search form find both auction prices and retail prices.

lPlease choose one of the following to continue researching your clock’s value:

I want to sell a clock and want to know how much to ask for it.

• I want to buy a clock and want to know what’s a fair price to pay.

• I want to insure a clock.

• I want to donate a clock for a charitable tax deduction.

• I need to determine the value of a clock for Federal estate tax purposes.

• I’m just curious or don’t know whether my clock has any value at all.:

Insuring Your Antique Clock


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